Cricket zhōng go y sh t pin The Forbidden City
The Art

And Images

Of China

By: Richard R. Wertz



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This Website has been designed to showcase the art of China. The art and images refers to pictures of art and photography of the Chinese landscape. I hope to include a little bit of everything. Among the Table of Contents of this site, you will find ten categories; each divided into sections and then sub- sections and a Special Features Section which will be the home of wayward articles and documents that otherwise have no home. There is a source index as well, which documents the source of content on this site; just click on the copyright date in any page. Keep in mind that this site is in a constant state of update, and will likely never be fully completed.

There are an infinite number of ways in an infinite number of combinations that China could be represented through images and photography. This is one of them.

Take caution that some or all of these images might take a few to several minutes to download to your browser. Many images are large in size.

Please feel free to have a look around. I hope you find what you're looking for. If not, or if you find any errors on this site, or want me to include any information, please drop me a line.

You can navigate directly to the contact section by clicking on my name at the bottom of every page, in the copyright section.  Enjoy your visit and thanks for stopping by.

What's New

11 July 2009

The Art and Images of China has its own forum!

Beginning 21 July 2007, the Global Public Forum for Art and Images of China went online.

In Global Public Forum :: Projects, there are several new ideas in various stages of preparation/ implementation for content to all three websites.

While the forum is located at Exploring Chinese History, there is a dedicated forum for this website and the other supplemental website, Cultural Heritage Of China.

Links to 'discuss this topic' appear on various pages throughout this website, which leads to the forum. A 'create new post' button will be added as well to encourage participation in the forum. Additionally, there will be a listing of the most recent topics from the corresponding forum.

I hope you will join and contribute often!

Have a look at the forum for yourself...

Global Public Forum :: The Art and Images of China


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