RSS is Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication.  This new technology allows users to view feeds from websites with an aggregator, or reader.  It works very similarly to email.  The content that is 'read', however, is provided by the author of an RSS Channel Feed.  This is a static document, written using XML (extensible mark- up language), located on the website server that is updated by the author whenever new information is available to be read.  The aggregator will periodically check the XML file at the source for any changes or updates and display them.

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To use the from this website, right- click on the RSS FEED chevron at left or on the home page and choose 'copy link location' (or analogous choice) from the context menu.  Open an aggregator and follow directions to begin receiving the RSS feed.

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The RSS Channel Feed provided by Exploring Chinese History is valid.  Click below:


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