Star Cearch Schools

June, 1999

Glastonbury High School
Glastonbury, Connecticut

Glastonbury High School, Glastonbury Connecticut


Why do we like Glastonbury's site?

Generally, your friendly archivists here at CEARCH seek out schools who perhaps have not received recognition for their school's website in the past, or who are smaller but are still deserving of acclaim. Glastonbury's site has received accolades strange and earnest from all around the globe, and rightly so - their site ranks up with the best we've seen this year.

To have a fast-loading page is a goal that many school pages simply do not acheive, either through inability to reduce graphics on the frontpage or from overuse of java, javascript or frames. The Glastonbury High School site succeeds marvelously in being quick-loading by having only one graphic on the front page and incorporating only a small bit of java (a scrolling bar on the bottom which could, in our opinion, move a little more slowly and contain more relevant information....). The subpages have a much higher text-to-graphics ratio than other pages we've seen, and contain content that is actually UPDATED on a regular basis! The "Ask Dr. B." section, where the school principal responds to student questions and concerns, is an addition that we'd like to see more on other school's sites.

The colour scheme is simple - preventing eyestrain from setting in if you look at this site for a while (and trust us, you will).

When we were in high school, teachers were sort of these mystical creatures who emerged from the parking lot hours before we got to school and then stayed long past the last bell, ceasing to teach only to consume coffee or to stare glaze-eyed at exams and projects we turned in. They were not quite human, not quite beast - and yet they held the balance of our post-secondary academic lives in their very hands. Glastonbury's site lets students see a little more of the human side of their instructors with their Teacher Profile and Those Silly Teachers pages.

Frequently noted updates on their What's New page help not-so-frequent visitors see what's been changed in between visits. The webmasters' claim of daily updates is adhered to except in times of extreme stress (finals, SATs, etc.).

Overall, the quality of this site is excellent. If the enthusiasm shown in its maintenance is kept up in the changeovers between webmasters, then this site will have the longevity to endure.

Who are the people behind Glastonbury High School's site?

The Tomahawks Online Web Team ( updates the site daily. Sachin "Madstar" Bansal is the Lead Designer/Co-Webmaster along with Andy Peruggi. Computer club advisor Ms. DiMauro and principal Dr. Bookman are the faculty advisors for the Tomahawks Online Team.

Images on this page are from the Glastonbury High School site.

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