Star CEARCH Schools of the Months!

This is an archive of the schools which caught the CEARCH-team's eye in terms of content, design, student involvement or use of pioneering technologies. If you are interested in having your school considered for a CEARCH School of the Month, please feel free to email or use our handy-dandy mailform. Please note that the selection criteria we use is varied and far between -- you won't garner any awards, but you'll receive our acclaim and praise on this website. :-)


April 1999
Washington Intermediate School (Pekin, Illinois) -- WIS is a school for grades 4 through 6, a multiple award recipient, and their site is regularly updated and maintained by a team of students led by one teacher.

March 1999
McGehee Elementary School (McGehee, Arkansas) -- Updated daily, the McGehee site makes varied use of student work, combined with appealing design.

February 1999
Pen Argyl Area High School (Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania) -- Pen Argyl's site is maintained by their WWW design class, and contains a wealth of information relevant to students. Updated daily, it's got tons to see.

January 1999
Union 32 High School (East Montpelier, Vermont) -- Union 32 is a junior and senior high school; most of the site is devoted to the high school and the community of people involved with it, but uniquely enough the site is devoted -entirely- to that community.


Schools of the Month from 1998 -- Those schools to which we gave the award in the more recent past.

Schools of the Month from 1997 -- Those schools to which we gave the award over the course of that year.

Schools from the past -- when the Archive was young, these schools were our favorites. All of them still maintain the high quality of their original sites, with many additional features and items of interest.


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