Star CEARCH Schools of 1997!

This is an archive of the schools which, during 1997, caught the CEARCH-team's eye in terms of content, design, student involvement or use of pioneering technologies. If you are interested in having your school considered for a CEARCH School of the Month, please feel free to email or use our handy-dandy mailform. Please note that the selection criteria we use is varied and far between -- you won't garner any awards, but you'll receive our acclaim and praise on this website. :-)


December 1997
Poquoson Elementary School (Poquoson, Virginia) -- Poquoson hosts 550 third-, fourth- and fifth-graders.

November 1997
Bremen High School (Midlothian, Illinois) -- Bremen HS has a student body of 1,000 students in grades 9-12.

October 1997
Redwood High School (Larkspur, California) -- Redwood High School requires computer literacy of its students... and it shows in the webwork!

September 1997
Macarthur Girls High School (New South Wales, Australia) -- Macarthur is an all-girls technology school... and these are some young women that know their way around a website!

August 1997
Pulaski Elementary School (Somerset, Kentucky) -- Pulaski is the first elementary school to receive the Star award this year.

July 1997
Benjamin Franklin High School (New Orleans, Louisiana) -- This web site premiered in 1995 and is still going strong because of the efforts of students, teachers, parents and alumni.

June 1997
Eisenhower High School (Houston, Texas) -- See "Big Ike" from the air, and see the enthusiasm of the students and teachers for their school.


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