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March 23, 1945: A corporal of the Message Center captured five Germans and turned them over to the Prisoner of War cages.

March 24: The company moved to Westhofen. Personnel were again quartered in vacated civilian house. There was heavy air activity during the night. While none of it was near the company area, flares, AA fire and planes shot down recalled to mind the days at Anzio.

March 25: The company received a DUKW to be used in laying cable across the Rhine.

A convoy was sent  to Lunneville pick up men returning by train after being on pass to Paris and England. Their names are not included. I do not know if Felix were among them. He left on March 19 for a two day pass in Paris.

March 26: Early in the morning, the construction section laid two cables across the Rhine and the Telephone section crossed and established switching central on the east side.

March 27: The company crossed the Rhine and set up the normal Command Post communications systems in Zwingenberg. Several prisoners surrendered to members of the company. A peep threw a rod. The trucks were getting in bad shape due to old age and constant use.

March 28: A company PFC captured 5 Germans. The company moved to Gros Ostheim (Großostheim) and set up in a brewery. They remained there through the end of March. The messenger run to the Rear Echelon of the division was about 200 miles. One messenger went each day and came back the following day.

The Germans were bitterly contesting the city of Aschaffenburg, with every person fighting house to house. Aschaffenburg is about 8.6 kilometers (5.3 miles).

April 3: The company crossed the Main River and proceeded to Lauf.

April 4: The company moved to Marnes.

April 6: The company moved to Bad Burkheim then to Gersfeld..

April 8: The company moved to Wulfershausen.

April 12: The company  moved to a castle north of Ebern.

April 13: The company moved to Rattelsdorf.

April 16: The company moved to Lauf. Heavy air and artillery activity in the area during the night.

April 17: Three men of the company captured two German soldiers.

April 18: On the edge of Nuremberg, the company installed communications switching equipment.

April 21: Members of the company attended a flag raising ceremony at the Nuremberg stadium.

April 22: The company moved to Weiszenburg.

April 26: The company moved to Rohrbach.

April 28: The company moved to Schrobenhausen.

April 29: While the rifle companies were liberating Dachau, the signal company moved to Haimhausen.

April 30: The company moved to Feldmoching.

May 1: The company was bivouacked in Munich.

May 2: The company installed central switching equipment in the Rathaus in preparation for the occupation of Munich.

May 8, 1945: Victory in Europe Day. Based on the months since his induction, his months in Europe, and his battle stars, Felix had an Adjusted Service Rating score of 71.Men with 85 or more were being discharged.

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