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Peter Hobart (1604  -1679) was the first Congregationalist minister in American, in the British colony of Massachusetts. The Robinsons are direct line descendants from Peter Hobart through Ralph Edmund Robinson's mother, Delia Hobart.

Biographical note at The Bucklin Society family history site:
Shepherd in the Wilderness, Peter Hobart 1604-1679 by Edward Franklin Ripley
Early 1800s

Pearly Gates of Rushville, New York is a direct line maternal ancestor of the Robinsons.

In 1813 he died received in a War of 1812 battle.

The Robinson Family and the 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812


Anson Croman (20th Michigan Infantry Regiment) and the Civil War

Mt. Hope Cemetery, Waterloo, Michigan : Anson Croman's Grave, Monuments and Graves of Other 20th Michigan Soldiers, and Graves of Musbach Ancestors.

Blog: Anson Croman, the 20th Michigan Infantry Regiment, and the American Civil War
Anson Croman
Early 20th Century
Immigration from Poland in the Tsarist Russian Empire
Felix J. Cizewski
From wedding photo about 1914..
Mary Cizewski
From wedding photo about 1914
Immigration from Sicily
Philip Lovetere


Philip Lovetere (7th Infantry Division) & World War I

Private Philip Lovetere
Probably taken in Paris, 1918
Angela (Giordano) Lovetere

The Rest of Philip's and Angela's Lives

Angela (Giordano) Lovetere
Passport Photo 1920
Leonardo Giordano
Leonardo Giordano
Passport Photo 1927
A brief history of the Giordano's and Lovetere's immigrant experiences by great-grandson Eli Cizewski-Robinson.
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1918 to 2004

Felix A. Cizewski:

Technician 5th Class Felix A. Cizewski
Taken at Camp Crowder, Missouri late 1943 or early 1944
September 29, 1925  to  April 25, 2009

Ralph E. Robinson
Seaman First Class Ralph E. Robinson
with Gizmo in front of  Landing Ship Medium 34, undated.
1922 to 2011

Anna Maria Cizewski (nee Ennina Maria Lovetere)
Anna Maria Cizewski
(nee Ennina Maria Lovetere)
when she was 19 about 1941
1912 to 1956

Herman "Bud" E. Schuth

Herman Schuth was born in 1912. He married Felix A. Cizewski's sister Jean and is the father of Felix's niece and nephew. We knew him as Uncle "Bud".

He was drafted on May 27, 1942 and served as a truck driver in a quartermaster unit attached to an engineering unit in the Army Air Forces in Papau New Guinea.

He died in June 21, 1956 from the complications of the malaria he contracted in the New Guinea.

The Veterans Administration recognized his death as service related and provided benefits to his survivors.
Herman "Bud" E. Schuth
1915 to 1975

Chester Edward Cizewski
Chester Edward Cizewski
Sometimes between 1943 and 1945
1953 to 1991

Philip J. Cizewski

1922 to 1945

Harold Arden Mitchell

Company B, 1st Battalion, 137th Infantry Regiment, 35th Infantry Division.

Harold Arden Mitchell
Harold Arden Mitchell

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Stories, information, fragments, and drafts not yet worked into an appropriate page but stored here to keep them from being lost.

* Quote from D-Day, in History and in Memory by Samuel Hynes, OP-ED Contributor, The New York Times, June 6, 2004 (Samuel Hynes, the author of "Flights of Passage" and "The Soldiers' Tale," was a Marine pilot in the Pacific in World War II.)
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