Mary (Mroz) Cizewski
Alternate first names: Marya; Maria

Mary Mroz was born on April 15, 1891. She was from Kadzidlo in the Polish province of Tsarist Russia.

Her parents were Januariusz Mroz and Franciszka Rokiecka or Rupiecka

She arrived in the U.S. in 1908 and settled in Chicago.

In Chicago, she met Felix J. Cizewski whom she married on November 9, 1912 in St. Ann's Church.
First child, Joseph, born 19 Mar 1912
Fifth child, Felix A, born 8 April 1918
Mary Cizewski died on March 24, 1981


Parents' names and marriage date from Parish registry.

Arrival dates:

1908: Self report on 1930 census.

Marriage date also from Marriage Index for Polish Parishes in Chicago through 1915 from the Polish Geneological Society of America

Parents last names from marriage records: Rokiecka from Mary's; Rupiecka from her sister Frances'.

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