Felix J. Cizewski
Felix's 1912 wedding photo

Felix J. Cizewski was born December 13, 1888 probably near the town of Zalesie in the voivodeship (province) of Plock (Płockie) in the Polish province of the Tsarist Russian empire.

Felix's parents were Józef Czyżewski and Elżbieta Budzi. They were married in December, 1879 in Krasne. Krasne was probably in what was then the voivodeship (province) of Plock (Płockie) in Tsarist
Russian province of Poland. Today it is in the Mazowieckie voivodeship.

Refugee from Tsarist Russia

According to our family's oral history in 1907 when Felix was about 19 years old he was about to be drafted in the Tsarist Russian army.

At that time men were drafted at age 20 for six years of active duty followed by nine years of reserve duty. Men of draft age were not allowed to emigrate.

Someone who not liable for the draft gave Felix an exit visa. The identify of that person is lost to history.

That meant Felix illegally left Tsarist Russia and became a refugee.

When Felix arrived in the U.S.he was admitted because in 1907 the U.S. had open borders to Europeans in good health, who were not political extremists. That he left Tsarist Russia illegally to evade the Tsarist Russian draft was not an issue for the U.S., so Felix did not need to apply for asylum or request to be admitted as a refugee.

Oral history sources: Felix's brother-in-law Vincent Sprawka, husband of Franciz Mroz, Felix's wife Mary Mroz sister. Felix's son also named Felix and my father agreed with that story.

Source for conscription in Tsarist Russia:province of Poland: "Conscription in the Russian Empire: Russian Empire and earlier times".
"In more brutal conscript societies like imperial Russia, soldiering was an extension of servitude; the delivery of the unfree into a sacrificial bondage of unlimited term"

Simon Schama, The American future: a history, p. 30.

April 27, 1942: Felix's WWII draft registration card.
Ration Coupon
May 4, 1942: Felix's World War II ration book.

Milwaukee Road

From Felix's Brake Testing Manual


PIN: Twenty five years of employment, Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad
Veteran Employees Association

National Association of Retired and Veteran Railway Employees, Inc.

Retirement Certificate
Felix J. Cizewski died on June 30, 1965
Husband of Mary (Mroz) Cizewski
Father of Felix A. Cizewski

Sources: Date of arrival in the U.S. from 1930 census.

Possible origins of the Cizewski name:

Ciżewski - Czyżewski - Pionek 

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