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Philip J. Cizewski


Much of Philip's work was as a theater technician.

Upper left:
Theatre lights from Philip's lighting catalogues.

Seven photos below birth and death dates, left to right:

1, Dance performance Japanese America Theater, Los Angeles (Philip worked on set design and lighting).

2. Still from film biography of San Francisco Bay Area surrealist painter, Ed Harris (Philip worked on the film).

3. Dance performance Japanese-America Theater, Los Angeles.

4. Philip playing his piano, San Francisco.

5. Las Manos, dance performance performance by L. Martina Young, dancer with whom Philip described as having an "artistic marriage".

6. Garrison Keilor at a performance of "A Prairie Home Companion" in Los Angles. Philip did the lighting visible along the top of the photo.

7. Sunset over the Pacific Ocean photo by Philip.

Beneath photo 7: Monogram "P" sewn on a handkerchief by Philip's maternal grandmother Angeline (Giordano) Lovetere.

Beneath photos: List of cities and towns in which Philip lived, studied, and worked.

Bottom center: "Love cures AIDS" motto from another quilt panel. Photo by Philip

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Sushi: A remembrance:
An account of Philip and Leonard relationship with a focus on Philip's last month.
 by his brother, Leonard H. Cizewski

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