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The Summing Up: A short history of Company A, 38th Signal Light Construction Battalion and 38th Signal Construction Battalion PDF format on Ibiblio.

Itinerary of the 38th Signal Construction Battalion PDF format on Scribd.

Frome, England: April 18 until July 14, 1944 when the 38th to deploy to France. Wikipedia article with no mention of Frome's WWII history. Frome is in Somerset County which was a major WWII military base area.

Plaque in Neuilly-la-ForÍt, France.

Noorbeek, the Netherlands:
Lineage and honors

: Bill Goess

Noorbeek, the Netherlands artifacts: Notes and autographs in a diary in  where the 38th was stationed from December, 1944 until March, 1945.

On Scribd in PDF format

On Google Documents in PDF, Microsoft Word docx, and jpg formats.

On 22 July 1944 William J. McDermott, Sr. lost both legs below the knee.

At the time he had one child, Maureen, who was born after he was deployed to the United Kingdom. He had never seen her.

After the war, he was a father 5 more times.

Source:  William J. McDermott, Sr.'s son, William J. McDermott, Jr.
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