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 Publishing on the Edge
Lisa Schmeiser looks at the subtle effect of zealous censorship on the publishers who provide materials that may be considered offensive on the Net.

 From the Senate floor: Senator Exon's Blue Book
Jessica Thaler introduces a reasoned voice to the raging debate about pornography on the Internet and the government's attempt to regulate the new medium. She asks good questions--"How can Congress even attempt to regulate something that knows no country boundaries?" And points to new solutions--filters and special codes--that call allay the fears of concerned parents.

 The Internet's Army Ants Attack Time
Chris Lapham attempts to get beyond the Marty Rimm research controversy to look at the what's really behind the powerful response to Time's Cyberporn story. Hint: if you think it's good now, it's only going to get better!

 Why the "Big Three" are Lying Low
While legislators take on the theoretical "what if" aspects of the new medium, developers of the online porn magazines remain pragmatic about the Internet as a business outlet and undecided about what legal constraints can do, according to Amelia DeLoach.


 From the Nets: Journey to the Center of Cybersmut
As an informal experiment, CMC Magazine Washington correspondent Lisa Schmesier tries to find offensive material on the Net. She does find some: everything from the "Senator Jim Exon Memorial Webpage" to "the Spot."

 The Last Link: Next Wave of Censorship from the States?
Like the federal Communications Decency Act, state bills are raising serious free speech and privacy concerns. The ACLU's Ann Beeson is concerned that none of the bills indicate an understanding of the unique nature of the online medium.

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