Knicks The New York Knicks has the 32 pick in the Usenet Draft.  They traded away the 16th pick to Toronto who traded it to Houston.   Here they pick #32, in the real draft they would pick 38 and 44. Their GM is:

Elgin Booth

Who selects:

Brad Miller, PF, 6-11, Purdue

I. Needs:depth at all frontcourt positions

The Knicks are a veteran team that had a somewhat successful season which was thrown off course by the devastating loss of Patrick Ewing halfway through the season. The team was destined to go downhill from there, where a real lack of frontcourt depth hurt them. They ended up upsetting the Miami Heat in the first round of the playoffs with the help of Larry Johnson, who managed to get Alonzo Mourning suspended. In the second round they really had no chance against the Bulls.

The Knicks have had a solid team throughout the past half decade, but the clock is ticking and they are one of the older teams in the NBA. They could use some young talent to stimulate their lineup. They do have one of the league's rising young stars in off guard Allan Houston, who could be an all- star next season. They have a fairly young, talented backcourt. Charlie Ward is another young point guard on the rise who has shown he can make good decisions as well as hit the three. He has surprised many in having NBA success. Most thought he should have gone to the NFL after he was spectacular at QB for Florida St. Chris Childs is another adequate point guard who adds depth for the roster. The off guards are Houston and the streaky John Starks, who was very inconsistent this past season. he shot the Knicks in and out of a lot of games.

The frontcourt is also strong, but lacks athleticism and is getting old. Patrick Ewing, Charles Oakley, and Buck Williams are all in the latter stages of their careers. While they have been solid, their play will soon get worse and the Knicks have to think about rebuilding for the future. They need an active body up front to go along with the strength of Oakley and Ewing. They have been close to getting to the finals, but can't seem to get over the hump with the players they have had. Larry Johnson is a decent small forward, but is highly overpaid. Chris Mills is a reliable, yet unspectacular, small forward who isn't going to win many games for the Knicks.

Free Agents: C's Chris Dudley and Herb Williams, PF Ben Davis, SF Anthony Bowie, and PG Brooks Thompson

As far as I know, the Knicks probably will not resign any of these guys, except possibly Davis and Thompson if they can get them very cheaply. I'm not sure who the Knicks are eyeing in the FA market, but they will have to do the best they can with the little money they have available. Patrick Ewing, Allan Houston, Larry Johnson, and even Chris Childs all have big contracts. Looks like they will have little to offer besides the league minimum.

II. My Selection

Brad Miller, PF, 6-11, Purdue

At #32 the Knicks won't be able to get a great frontcourt player but will be happy to find an experienced big man with decent size and skills. Miller has a nice shooting touch for a big man and will be able to get some points and hit the open medium range jump shot, a la Oakley. Has decent athleticism and mobility, and I like how he always plays hard and with emotion. I have seen him play more than a handful of times in his four years at Purdue, and I have always been impressed with his shooting ability and hard-nosed play. He can play the power forward and also get some minutes backing up Ewing at center. The Knicks will need additional help up front, but they should be thrilled to get Miller in the 2nd round. He would be a real nice pick for them. Right now, he is rumored to have snuck into the 1st round with a good showing at the NBA Predraft Camp.

III. Others Considered

Demarco Johnson, 6'8, 245 lb. PF, from UNC-Charlotte. He has the weight and the muscle, lacks height. A very good scorer who has impressive quickness and one-on-one moves. I like him a lot, as do the Knicks. Had a great senior year and played great in the tournament game against UNC. Could be effective at power forward with Ewing at center. If he was 2 inches taller, he would be a top 15 pick. Could be the active forward the Knicks are looking for.

Andrae Patterson, 6'8, 240 lb. PF, from Indiana. This poor guy had to put up with four years of Bobby Knight and give him credit for coming out with his head on straight. Didn't have a great career at Indiana, but has great talent and tenacity. Was a top 5 high school player, but made a big mistake in playing for Knight. Lost his confidence in college. Rebounded and had a decent senior year. Like Johnson, short for a power forward, but has good strength and rebounding ability. Has played very well in the camps. He must be relieved Knight's finally out of the picture. Could be a decent NBA role player.

Alexander Koul, 7'1, 285 lb. C from George Washington. Was once a big-time prospect, but his game has probably gone downhill at senior year. Has great size, so the Knicks may have trouble passing him up in the 2nd round. Has coordination and ability as well, but doesn't always play hard and hasn't really gotten any better since his sophomore year, when he was considered a future lottery pick and one of the top 5 centers in college basketball. I was impressed with his play his sophomore year. Worth a gamble, could really develop playing against Patrick Ewing every day.

Casey Shaw, 6'11 PF/C from Toledo. To tell you the truth, I have never seen him play. But at this stage, who knows? I have read he has played great in the camps and may even get into the first round.

Jelani McCoy, 6'9 PF from UCLA. He can run, block shots, and dunk, but really has few moves and not much of a touch. Plus he's a head case and doesn't always seem to be into the game. Impressed me a lot his freshman year. But most of his points were for dunks, and he won't be able to do that in the NBA. Good athlete. Probably a better pro prospect than his teammate J.R. Henderson.

Mirksad Turkcan, 6'9 PF from Turkey. Supposedly the best player in the professional league in Turkey. Like most Europeans, he is supposed to have a nice shot but is weak defensively. Could be worth a shot for some team.

IV. Who they should take

Who the Knicks will take: best frontcourt player available, could be any of the guys mentioned above. I read in Inside Sports magazine that they really like DeMarco Johnson. Koul would be hard to pass up at center if they are willing to really work with him. Miller would be a great pick if he is there. I think in the real draft they are picking #38, so the pickings may be slim as far as frontcourt players go. They might decide to take another guard such as Rafer Alston or Jeff Sheppard.

Craig Simpson - Usenet Draft Commissioner

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