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Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors have two first round picks.  The second comes from the Indiana Pacers in the Jeff Foster trade.  As with their first pick, their Net GM is Russ Smith who selects:

Richard Jefferson, SF, 6'7", Arizona

Team Overview

The Warriors finished a miserable 17-65 last year, and then lost the lottery going from 2nd to 5th. In this lottery that may not be the end of the world, with so many inexperienced kids in the draft the odds of nailing the right pick are no better than they were the year the Warriors took Joe Smith ahead of Kevin Garnett. The Warriors were praying for Jason Williams, with him NOT in the draft, not getting the first pick may be a blessing.

The past season was again filled with injuries and disappointments, we again led the NBA in missed games due to injury, Larry Hughes and Danny Fortson being key losses. Erick Dampier was hurt much of the year. Player disappointments ran the gamut, Hughes came off a promising year with an injury plagued year shooting just .383 from the field and .187 from 3 point range, the thumb was clearly a problem, but so was shot selection. A lot of talent but Hughes' name actually came up in trade talks so he MUST be healthy and improved this year. Fortson was off to a great start, 16.7 PPG, 16.5 RPG, in 6 games, when he again got hurt. Dampier never really got going with injury. Blaylock continued to slide, and Vonteego Cummings had a horrible year 34% from the floor.

Marc Jackson was a major surprise, oldest rookie in the NBA, nearly won the ROY if not for his own injury. Outstanding faceup shooter, tough, but undersized C. Paul McPherson played in 55 games and was a pleasant surprise, over 48 minutes he put up 21 PPG and shot very well, everyone knew he could jump but I think his overall game was a bit surprising. Still can he do it again?

Another major key to the future of this team is Antawn Jamison, huge numbers but major holes in his game, 44% from the floor, terrible defense, not a good or willing passer. And he showed some head issues too, sulking, complaining about the losing as if he wasn't part of the problem, he's not a guy to make his teammates better. But, he can score, he's a great rebounder, he generally plays VERY hard, and he and Hughes figure to be the 2 leading scorers this year.

The players who made up last years roster were :

  • Antawn Jamison
  • Danny Fortson
  • Larry Hughes
  • Marc Jackson
  • Chris Mills
  • Bob Sura
  • Mookie Blaylock
  • Chris Porter
  • Erick Dampier
  • Vonteego Cummings
  • Adonal Foyle
  • Chris Mullin
  • Paul McPherson
  • Corie Blount
  • Adam Keefe
  • Chris Garner

Obviously not the most talented team in the league, this team must get help in this draft and offload some vets to free up cap space. The ultimate goal is have a chance at Jason Williams in next years draft. Maybe Yao Ming or DaJuan Wagner, but Williams is the kid this team would truly love to get. He's not in this years draft so the Warriors will pick....

My selection

Ricard Jefferson SF Arizona

With Randolph on board the Warriors probably should draft a bigman, and in the real draft I bet they will, but in this draft most of the top ones are gone. Bradley is a good college C but I don't see him being a true C or PF in the NBA. Woods has already had back surgery and has a major lack of self confidence, he could be a terrific shotblocker but he will simply give up on himself too easily. Jefferson on the other hand made himself a top pick with his play in the NCAA tourney, great defender,  great athlete, developing offensive game. he can play SF or SG, the Warriors have Jamison and Hughes, their best players, at those spots, so why pick him? Best player on the board, protection against a trade of Hughes or loss of Jamison to FA in the future.

Others considered

Tony Parker PG France

This will get me killed by Warrior fans but I think Tony Parker is actually the best PG in the draft and if I knew for sure he'd stay in the draft, I'd pick him here.

Alexander Radmanovic F Yugoslavia

Late first early 2nd rounder until the day Jason Collins and Gerald Wallace did their individual workouts, and Radmanovic was invited along. He stunned scouts, 6'9", shooter, handles the ball, poor man's Dirk Nowitzki is the comment. Fear is he's pulling out of the draft but I suspect all this attention will now keep him in the draft. Parker will probably pull out because Cook and some of the other PG's are rising enough that Parker might not be a first rounder. Radmanovic will be if he stays in. Jamison is the Warriors best player but he has already stated he might not be here for long if the team keeps losing so a big scoring SF would be a nice luxury to have just in case.

Also, Michael Bradley although I think he's a tweener, Loren Woods, too soft, had back surgery, doesn't believe in himself enough. Omar Cook, great NBA body for a young PG but he can't shoot. Tinsley is very overrated IMHO, shot under 40% in college 2 years running, kid can't shoot a lick.