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Charlotte Hornets

The Charlotte Hornets pick 16th.  The Hornets GM is Josh Pan.  Josh made his pick and then said he would have his report in a couple of days.  Josh never did send his report.  Josh is scum.  Peter Dodson (the GM of the Washington Wizards) however was nice enough to help me out and write the report for Josh.   The Hornets select:

Joseph Forte, SG, 6'4", UNC

Season Recap

The Hornets made great strides this year, as they came within one game of making the Eastern Conference Finals. The Hornets had an up and down season, but overcame it all with headbands and an amazing 3 game sweep of the favored Miami Heat in the first rounds of the playoffs.

The Hornets also may have overcome their cheapness by signing Jamal Mashburn to a long term deal. Many people criticized the deal, but Mashburn lived up to his end of the deal with an amazing series versus Miami and another good one versus Milwaukee. The Hornets now need to continue this trend by signing Eddie Robinson to a long deal.

The 2000-2001 season also saw the emergence of Baron Davis as a star and David Wesley as a two guard. The Hornets also applied to move to Memphis, but renounced that claim during the playoff run. The Hornet management is still pushing for a new arena, but whatever happens the 2000-2001 season must be seen as a success. The trade with Miami worked out great, Paul Silas is turning out to be the most under-rated coach in the league and the Hornets almost made the Eastern Conference Finals. Now, if only they could do something about Derrick Coleman.....

Roster and Key Stats

  • C - Elden Campbell 13.1 pts, 7.8 rebs, 1.79 blks
  • C - Jamal Magloire 4.6 pts, 4.0 rebs, 1.05 blks
  • PF - PJ Brown 8.4 pts, 9.3 rebs, 1.15 blks, 85.2% FT%
  • PF - Derrick Coleman 8.1 pts, 5.4 rebs, 34 GP
  • PF - Otis Thorpe 2.8 pts, 3.0 rebs
  • SF - Jamal Mashburn 20.1 pts, 7.6 rebs, 5.4 asts, 1.12 stls, 2.8 to
  • SF - Eddie Robinson 7.4 pts, 3.0 rebs, 53.1% FG%
  • SF - Scott Burrell 4.2 pts, 4 GP
  • SF - Lee Nailon 3.9 pts, 2.2 rebs 42 GP
  • F - Tim James 1.5 pts, 1.2 rebs 30 GP
  • SG/PG - David Wesley 17.2 pts, 4.4 asts, 2.7 rebs, 1.56 stls, 2.1 to
  • SG - Hersey Hawkins 3.1 pts, 1.4 rebs
  • PG - Baron Davis 13.8pts, 7.3 asts, 5.0 rebs, 2.07 stls, 1.8 to
  • PG - Eldridge Recasner 2.4 pts, 1.2 rebs 30 GP

Contracts and Salaries

Player#of yearstotal salaryFA
Scott Burrell1minimum'01
Hersey Hawkins1$1.2 million'01
Lee Nailon 1minimum'01
Eddie Robinson2$1.2 million'01
Otis Thorpe2$4.2 million'01
Eldridge Recasner4$5 million'02
P.J. Brown7$36 million'03
Elden Campbell7$49 million'03
Derrick Coleman5$40 million'03
Baron Davis4$12,690,802'03
Tim James4$3,858,094'03
Jamaal Magloire4$4,871,131'04
David Wesley7$22 million'04
Jamal Mashburn8+6$30 mill + $53.5 mill'07

Free Agents

Scott Burrell, Hersey Hawkins, Lee Nailon, Eddie Robinson, Otis Thorpe

Positional Analysis


Elden Campbell was the main man in the middle and he did a yeoman's job once again. Campbell is a big body who can post-up, rebound and block shots and he is on the bigger centers in the East. Campbell's biggest problem is however, his tendency to get into early foul trouble and his tendency for his focus to waver during a game. Rookie, and fellow Canadian, Jamal Magloire was a great pick in last years draft and did a good job backing Campbell up. Magloire is an energizer, who works hard, blocks shots, rebounds and play good D. With a couple more years of tutelage and some work on his offensive game, Magloire could be a starter in the league one day. With Campbell and Magloire manning the middle, the Hornets are set for now.

Power Forward

PJ Brown proved in the playoffs why players like him are of the utmost importance. Brown is a hard worker, great defender, a good rebounder and the best team defender in the NBA. Brown doesn't put up a lot of points, but the Hornets don't need him too. Brown is one of my favorites in the NBA, because he works hard, doesn't demand the ball and will sacrifice everything to get his team the win. Why Riley parted with Brown I will never know. Derrick Coleman also played some PF when he was healthy, but he is horribly out of shape and he may have the worst attitude of all time. Coleman is a total waste of talent and money and if he ever gets his head out of his ass and into shape, as he did during the 1999-2000 season briefly, he could be one of the premier players in this league. Another locker room cancer Otis Thorpe also played some minutes when healthy, but he is old, grumpy and a free agent, so don't expect him to be back. Unless Coleman shapes up, the Hornets need a player to back up Brown, and with a lot of big men in the draft, maybe they can address this need this year, or if no, in an off-season acquisition.

Small Forward

Jamal Mashburn became the star he was supposed to be this year. Mashburn was a leader this year and his all-around good play got him a fat contract extension and a lot for admiration throughout the league. Mashburn was a one man wrecking crew versus Miami, as he showed his inside-outside game that makes him almost unstoppable. The only area Mashburn could improve on is his defence, but we can't all be perfect can we? Eddie Robinson also came into his own this year. Robinson is a long, lean, high flyer with a nice outside touch that he showed in the Hornets series versus Miami. He struggled under the brighter lights of the Bucks series, but Robinson is young and that is not surprising. Robinson is a free agent this year and is highly sought after, especially by the Bulls, but lets hope that the Hornets buck their cheap trend and sign Robinson long term.

Shooting Guard

If there is one position the Hornets need to get bigger and better at, it is SG. David Wesley was moved to two guard to make room for Baron Davis and he did quite well, averaging over 17 a game. The problem with Wesley playing the 2 is that both he and Baron Davis are under 6'3, and this puts them at a significant disadvantage when playing against opposing backcourts with size and post-up ability. You only need to point to the Bucks series to hi-light this problem. Wesley also seemed to be having problems running the team when he moved over to the point, so this needs to be sorted out so that Davis can get a rest. Hersey Hawkins also made his way back to Charlotte, but he is too old to be effective and he should be done as an NBA player.

Point Guard

Taking Davis #3 doesn't look so bad anymore does it? Davis played like a wise veteran this year, running the show and leading the team to the 2nd round of the playoffs. Davis is another high flyer, with great energy, good court vision and an improving outside game. Davis will be a fixture in the back court for the Hornets for many years to come and is probably a future All-Star. The Hornets need to get him some rest however, and with Wesley having problems at the point, it looks like that needed help will have to come from outside the organization.

Past Draft Picks

  • 2000 - Jamal Magloire - Kentucky - 19th overall
  • 1999 - Baron Davis - UCLA - 3rd overall
  • 1998 - Ricky Davis - Iowa - 21st overall
  • 1997 - no pick
  • 1996 - Kobe Bryant - Lower Merion HS - 13th overall (traded to LA for Vlade Divac)
  • 1995 - George Zidek - UCLA - 22nd overall
  • 1994 - Darrin Hancock - Kansas - 38th overall
  • 1993 - Greg Graham - Indiana - 17th overall
  • 1992 - Alonzo Mourning - Georgetown - 2nd overall
  • 1991 - Larry Johnson - UNLV - 1st overall

Team Needs

  1. Backcourt help - While Wesley and Davis did a great job in the backcourt this year, more help is needed. Both are small and get abused in the post and neither has a real back-up (other than Robinson, who is better suited for the SF position). Unless the Hornets want both of them to play 45 a game, added backcourt depth is needed.
  2. Front Court Depth - Just as in the backcourt, the team needs to add some front court depth. With Coleman an idiot and Robinson a possible free agent leavee, the team needs players, other than Nailon and James, to back up Brown and Mashburn.
  3. To get rid of Derrick Coleman - The team was much better when Coleman was on the IR and Paul Silas has made no secret of his loathing of Coleman. Coleman is a cancer, whose sole desire is to collect a paycheque. Coleman is untradeable, but wouldn't it be great if Bass just bit the bullet and released his flabby ass?

The Hornets Choice

Joseph Forte - Forte is a talented scorer, who can add much to the Hornets backcourt. Some say he is too small to be a 2-guard, but I say forget about it. Forte has long arms and is a pure scorer, so he will succeed. Those who say that he is too small, all I can say is that he is 3 inches taller than the Hornets current 2 guard.....so.....? Forte is still pretty young, but he has had a good experience at UNC, and being a local product, he should flourish. If The Hornets can grab Forte here, they should, he has a nice shot, is a good penetrator and he can flat out score. Forte could also nicely fill the role that Robinson had this year if he should leave via free agency. If Robinson does stay, then the Hornets will have two players who can come off the bench, score in bunches and bring some energy to the floor.

Other Players Considered

  1. Troy Murphy - Troy is a good scorer, who could lend some front court help to the Hornets. Murphy has also had three years of college, meaning that he could contribute immediately.
  2. Steven Hunter - Hunter is shooting up the draft chart and is another player who could lend a hand to the front court. Hunter plays within himself, plays good D and can score some and would be a great fit for the Hornets front court.
  3. Richard Jefferson - If Jefferson is around at 16, look for the Hornets to take him over Forte. Jefferson is bigger and more athletic and is the perfect insurance for the possible departure of Robinson. Jefferson has a lot of upside and un-tapped potential. But I doubt it if he has the scoring ability of Forte.

Other Off-Season Moves

Sign Eddie Robinson, release Derrick Coleman and sign a front court player to help back up PJ Brown. Someone like Chris Gatling would fit in great in Charlotte and he already wears a headband!