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How long does it take a submission to be added?
It can take between a day to a month. I do this generally at home and get to it when I can.

How can I speed up the processing time?
Submissions that minimize work for me get posted rather quickly. This means having the submission formatted so that I can just plug it in.

Who pays for The Running Page?
I get an account and disk space for free from the kind folks at sunsite. I do this free as a labor of love.

I really need to get something into the The Running Page fast. How can I do this?
Send an email message to <> and put (FAST) in the subject line.

Do you accept advertising?
No. I will provide links or information about products. I will accept any product as long as it is relavant to running.

I want my club home page to be listed in the Internet Running Related information section. Why will you only list it in the clubs section??
Frankly, the page would get too big. The only "clubs" that I will list on the Internet Running Related information section is clubs that are national or international in scope. An example of the is RRCA.


How can I get my club listed?
Send email to me with the following information:

Why do clubs with a home pages have only an address and phone number?
For clubs that have home page, I only the list the name, link to a URL, address and phone. I feel any other information they need is on their page. For clubs that don't have a home page, I will list the information they want me to.

How does one go about starting a running club?
I would start with a small circle of friends and advertise in local newspaper, cable channels, sport clubs, and races. This can be done for free at most outlets. I would alos start by having at least one weekly run at the same place and time. As more members join the you can become a real club with newsletters and other activities.


I am currently injured and need advice on injuries. Can you help me?
I wish I could but I don't have the knowledge. I would suggest that you take a look at
Dr. Pribut's Running Injuries Page. It is a great place for information.

New Runners

I've recently become interested in running. Do you have any advice or tips for me?
A couple of tips:


I training for a marathon, 5K, etc. Can you give me pointers?
Currently not, but like most things I hope to add a section on it.


I could not get a number for the NYC Marathon. How can I get in?
Contact the New York Road Runners Club at (212) 860-4455 and see if you qualify as a special case. Do not buy or use another number from someone else. You will be both be disqualified for life if you are caught. They do catch people.

How can I get into the 1996 running of Boston?


What are the best shoes for long distance running?
I can't answer that. I use ASICS 123's but it is different for every runner. I would recommend you to a real running store (not a chain) where they have people who actually guide you. The advice is worth paying full retail.

Race Results

Your race results section is terrible. How come you have so few results?
Two answers. First, I rely on people to give them to me. I don't get many responses. Second, I need an automated way to the results in. Starting next year I will experiment with a way to get results in from USATF-NJ races. If this works I will expand it.


Do you keep a list of half marathons?
I do not keep a list. I keep marathons because there are probably less than 2000 of them and people are willing to travel distances for them. This is not as true as for half marathons. As I get more automated I might keep a list.

Why does it take so long to get Race posted?
Lately I have been busy and have not been able to get to them.

Why do you have so little information on your 'liner' page?
That's all I can fit into a line. I looking at a two line format so I can include fax numbers and other info. I would appreciate any suggestions.


What is USATF?
USATF stand for USA Track & Field. It is the governing body for Athletics (Track & Field) in the United States. Some major marathons require Americans to be a member in order to participate.

How do I join USATF?
Find out where your location association is and contact them. Go to their
website to find out this information.


What is the Leukemia Society's "Team In Training."?
It's a program to raise money for the Leukemia Society and to help people run marathons. They provide coaches and pay expenses to a major marathon in exchange for the runner getting donations to the Leukemia Society.

Will you put up a request for donation for the Leukemia Society's "Team In Training."?
I can't, otherwise I would have to do it for about 100 people. I get about 5 requests a week for this.

Running terms

bandit An unregistered runner. Someone who runs in a race without paying for it or without a number.
DNF Did Not Finish- refers to someone who starts a race but does not finish.
marathon A race of 26 miles and 385 yards.
ultra or
A race longer than marathon distance (26 miles and 385 yards.)

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