The Running Page is your source for information about running on the Web. The Running Page contains information about upcoming races, running clubs, places to run, running related products, magazines, and other information. As I become aware of running information I will include it in this page.

Update Status

Two sections of The Running Page has moved to our new site, www.runningpage.com. They are the clubs and races sections. The have been updated and will have priority on updates.

I apologize for not updating this page and responding to people. You can look at my excuse page to see what I've I've been doing. I have about 500 submissions to go through. We are looking to solve the backlog in the following order:

We are in process of doing a complete revamp this site and move it to www.runningpage.com This site is not active but the domain is. It is called runningpage.com. Eventually all email to me will go there. I have the following addresses set up:
Marathon Info marathon@runningpage.com
Running Clubs clubs@runningpage.com
General Running Info runinfo@runningpage.com
Personal Email drears@runningpage.com

I thank you for your patience.

The Running Page Table Of Contents

Information Sources

Internet Running Related information This includes email lists, USENET Newsgroups, and other Web Pages.
Running Publications (Print) Magazines & Newsletters from the Team Oregon Site.
Internet Running Columns Various columns about running available on the web.
Rec.running FAQ
The Running Page FAQ Questions answered about the The Running Page


Exercise Trails Network
Dr. Pribut's Running Injuries Page
Running Clubs
UpComing Races
Marathon Listing
Ultra marathon & relays listing
Recent Race ResultsThis section has been discontinued for now.
The Running Scene in Different Areas


Personal Bests This is the link that goes to a newly created web page!.
USA Track & Field The Governing body for USA.
Products includes software programs, shoes, heart rate monitors, food, sport drinks.
RunChat!is a realtime, on-line discussion venue for people who want to talk with other runners about their sport.

Masters Running Information

Madeline Bost, A running columnist has agreed to put a Master Runner section on here. Take a look. this will change to be a column about running in general later in November. There is also a Master Track & Field Page available.

Top 5% of The Web

Point has selected The Running Page as one of the top 5% of the Web. They've written a little review and given us marks on a few categories. We are in the Sports and Fitness Category.
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