Why I haven't updated The Running Page

The last half year I have been busy with several projects and just haven't had the time to update things. My running had suffered too from these other activities. I ran a total of 363 miles last year. That is the worst year I have since running as a Freshman in High School Track. This year already as of January 30th I am averaging over 3 miles a day and hope to finish the year with 1400 miles and a NYC Marathon. I've finanly finished the things I needed to do. My excuses include:
I was a board member for my Condo Association. I did not run for re-election so I am done with that.
I am president of the Morris County Striders. a local running club in Northwest New Jersey.
I am the race director for the Run For Life 5 Mile. For all intents and purposes this was a new race in 1997.
I also do the Web Pages for USATF-NJ, The NJ association of USATF.
In my job as a reservist, I am now the Webmaster for the 78th Division. I'll probably be doing this until the summer of 99.

Hopefully by the end of February I will be caught up and by Mid APril the new site will be up.

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Last Update: 30 Jan 98
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