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This is a newly revamped feature of The Running Page. As products become known to me I will include them on this document. I will do limited editing. I will provide any links that you want me to have.

The Running Page makes no endorsements, claims, or recommendations about any of these products. Products are included as a public service.

The symbol means the product has recently been added to this page.

Books, Magazines, & Training Guides
CompanyPhoneDate Entered
The Quotable Runner 800 548-4348 Fall 1995
The Athlete's Bookstore 800-TA-DIARY 20 Feb 96

Software Products

Shoe & other Equipment Companies

Running Stores
CompanyPhoneDate Entered
Tel-a-Runner N/A 20 Feb 96
Sneaker Source 800 201-0195 21 May 96

Other Products
ProductTypePhoneDate Entered
Sacro Wedgy ® For relief of back pain N/A Fall 1995
All Natural Aloe Vera Pain Rub Pain reliever for sore muscles N/A Fall 1995
SPLINT-EEZ Shin Splints N/A Fall 1995
Omni-Lite Ultra-Lite Cera mic Track Spikes Track Spikes 800 577-OMNI 02/25/96

CompanyTypePhoneDate Entered
Lin-Mark Timing Services Race Timing 609 468-0010 20 Feb 96

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