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If you agree that using these pages is like reading a copyrighted book in a public library located in the United States, then don't waste your time here -- go back to reading now.

If you believe that using these pages is not like reading a book, but rather like viewing a movie or some other act, or if you wish to REUSE these pages for some other purpose, then our lawyers say YOU MUST READ the following before proceeding.

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    All the pages at this site and all the pages linked to it 

(insofar as they are controlled by this page's author) are approved 

for viewers of ALL AGES.  However, some include PICS ratings

indicating they are suitable for readers over age 13.  All other

pages at this site are either PICS unrated or rated for all ages.

    Parents who do not wish their own children to read about 

ADULTERY or WITCHCRAFT may use their own means to restrict 

access by their own children to The Scarlet Letter pages and certain of 

Hawthorne's Tales, and possibly other stories such as the Japanese ghost

stories by Lafcadio Hearn.  

    There are NO indecent or obscene pictures or language 

intentionally here. At the same time we do not wish to encourage 

obscenity on the Internet, we also do not wish to join any movement to 

ban or censor literature.  Parents may wish to exercise guidance

in the reading by their children of the books by Zola, Huysmans,

and de Maupassant online here, as they contain certain sexual

situations that may not be suitable for young children.  Teachers

serving in place of parents should follow the policies of their


    Internet use by minor children in our opinion requires 

PARENTAL GUIDANCE. A reference at the top of each page to 

"Rated PG" calls for responsible, intelligent, and 

active parental involvement.  If you are a minor child, 

please consult with your parent, guardian, or teacher 

concerning family and school rules for Internet use.

    It is also possible that certain persons may find statements on 

these pages to be OFFENSIVE to them as people who consider themselves 

invidiously singled out or wrongly characterized by others. Please 

observe that this literature is fictional, written many years ago, and 

that we all need to read and understand the thoughts of others, whether 

we agree with them or not. No malicious intent should be attributed. 

All names of characters have been invented and should not be identified

with any real persons, living, dead, or in any other form. 

However, if you discover anything that offends you, please 

e-mail the owner of these pages and an investigation will be made. 

    Postings to online discussion may "flame" (become heated); please  

maintain normal civility. You have full right to reply to any remarks. 

In the arbitary judgment of the page owner, any postings may be deleted 

without notice, but no assurance is given that discussions will be 




    Much material here is taken from the public domain. We agree with

usual fair use qualifications to copyright law. No material known to be 

under current copyright by others has been stolen; some pains have been 

taken not to reproduce copyrighted texts without permission, although 

in most cases no formal copyright searches have been conducted.

    Works that originally included a publication date before 1923

are now assumed by us to be in the public domain, no matter

where they were first published, what the citizenship of the author

was, or when the author died.  This is because we are publishing in

the United States of America.  It is possible that you may wish to

read these works in a country where other copyright provisions apply.

In that case, we advise you to follow the copyright laws of your

country and do not download files if there is any question

as to intellectual property ownership.

    Works that originally included a publication date after the

year 1922 may be copyrighted by the author or publisher

or heirs.  We have made every attempt to seek permission in such

cases and include the copyright notice as printed.  In cases where

the copyright was registered before 1964, but not properly renewed

in a timely fashion with the U.S. Copyright Office, we assert that

such works are in the public domain.  In a few cases, such works

may fall within the provisions of the GATT (Uruguay Round) amendments 

of intellectual property rights which allowed reasserting copyright

for particular works.  In such cases, please send a Notice of Intent

to Enforce copyright to the publisher, Eric Eldred, 50 E. Derry Rd

#21, E. Derry, N.H., U.S.A., and we will investigate and withdraw

the publication if necessary.

    We cannot be held responsible for infringement damages; we derive no 

profit from distributing these works.   We also do not keep track of

how many or from what country readers download particular files.

    If you see anything on these pages that you believe to 

be under copyright that should not be distributed, please e-mail the 

author and we will make every effort to correct it. 

    New material, markup and unattributed notes, as well as compilation 

and selection, were originally, when created, copyright by Eric Eldred. 

In order to allow the fullest possible reuse of these works we have

dedicated them to the public domain under a Creative Commons deed.

See after

December 16, 2002.

    No advance permission is required to "link" to these pages

from anywhere else on the World Wide Web.  In fact, we encourage

"deep links" to the exact paragraph of a text. 

    Use of information from these pages by students or teachers 

without proper attribution may be in violation of academic standards and 

considered plagiarism; consult your institution's written policies. 

Students writing papers after referring to this site may be tempted to 

plagiarize, but should remember that their teachers are reading these 

pages too.

    Proper acknowledgement should be paid, at the proper place, to individuals 

who have freely given their ideas and examples to the World Wide Web and the 

Internet.  However, all mistakes are the author's responsibility.



    These works are and must remain open to the blind or visually-impaired,

using a text-to-speech screen reader program.  Descriptions of graphics 

and alternative text must be included. 

    Although viewing is best with a browser such as Netscape Navigator 

2.0 or later, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0 or later, since some 

minor extensions to HTML 2.0 are employed, text-only browsers 

such as Lynx must be able to work well, no matter how these 

pages are reused. 

    There are no audio, sound, or video files at present, so deaf or 

hard-of-hearing persons can enjoy these pages too. Please see the usage 

notes online for viewing and browsing tips, and please discuss 

particular needs with your hardware or software vendors. We support the 

principle of full access by all, even though we are not a business or 

government agency required by law to do so. Please e-mail suggestions 

for improvements. 



    These pages must be free and open to everyone.  No programs run on 

your machine; there are no Java or Visual Basic programs or scripts, no 

password caches, and no clever code samples for curious hackers.  We 

will not be responsible for any harm suffered by your downloading data, 

text, or pictures from these pages. 

    Do not send credit card or valuable secret information through e-

mail. This server is not controlled by the owner of these pages and 

should not be considered to be fully secure.  

    You may not alter or change any pages on this site or attempt to 

prevent access to it by others without permission of the owner.  

Security violations will be prosecuted.  Unauthorized use is 

prohibited by law.

    No encryption technology is employed within; all information may be 

freely exported from North America, as long as copyright notice is retained.



    By reading these pages you do not give up any rights to privacy in 

information about yourself. A program on the server does log your IP 

address when you access any pages here, purely for billing and 

administrative purposes, even though no monetary charge to you issues 

from reading these pages. Your user name is not logged. 

Personal information will not be held in a computer database.

    No "cookies" are set or retained by this web

server.  No Javascript or Active X programs are run.  No Microsoft

Word files exist here so no macro viruses can be downloaded.

    You may also choose to send information about yourself, either 

anonymously or attributed, by e-mail or other form. No commercial 

purpose will be made of your name or information; it will not be sold or 

otherwise distributed to any other person unless you agree otherwise. No 

responsibility will be taken to verify names or addresses of any e-mail 

comments. Do not give out personal information to callers or others who 

might pretend to be from this site.  If access policies are violated by

others, we may have to set up a registration system and keep data on 

users in order to limit abuse, but we hope to avoid that. 



    These pages are intended to enhance individual reading pleasure and 

cultural literacy. They may be suitable for high-school and 

undergraduate college students as well as casual adult readers. No 

guarantee is made, expressly or implied, as to fitness for any 

commercial purpose; there is no implied warranty of merchantibility. No 

contract or license is entered into by the author when you download 

these pages into your computer. No commercial damage liability 

is therefore engaged in, and the authors or distributors will not be

responsible for any loss of profit or any damages, including but not

limited to special, incidental, or consequential damages, in connection

with use of these WWW pages. There may be times when these pages are

not available over the Internet, and no warning can be given nor

guarantee of continued service given, though we do attempt to maintain

continuous free service.  USE "AS IS" AT YOUR OWN RISK!

    No technical support of any kind is promised or provided. If you

encounter "bugs" or mistakes, you may report them to the 

author, but no warranty is made that they will be fixed to your 

satisfaction; you must bear the full cost of any corrections.

    You must fully understand that information contained within is

believed to be generally accurate at the time of publication, but no 

guarantee of continuing accuracy is made. Listing of links to any 

commercial sites is not intended as an endorsement or advertisement,

but solely for the convenience of the reader who wishes to learn of

this information.  No money is accepted; this site is free to all

users.  The editor of these pages disclaims any role as

professional teacher or scholar, but is entirely amateur.

No legal, medical, or financial advice is intended by 

information incidentally herein; the author is not an attorney, 

physician, or expert at anything except reading books, which he 

now encourages you to do!

    The foregoing is a contract to which you agree as a 

precondition to reading, downloading, using, or reusing these

pages.  You agree that any disputes concerning this contract

will be resolved under the law of the location of the publisher,

Rockingham County, New Hampshire, United States of America.

You agree that any disputes will be resolved by the American

Arbitration Association instead of in a court of law.

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