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(Denis Thévenin)

Translated by
E. S. Brooks

Copyright, 1919, by
The Century Co.

Published, March 1919

To Charles Viannay

This book was awarded the Goncourt Prize in Paris for the year 1918


  1. The Face
  2. On the Somme
  3. Récoussat's Christmas
  4. Lieutenant Dauche
  5. The Projects of Cousin
  6. The Lady in Green
  7. In the Vineyard
  8. Regulating
  9. The Fleshmongers
  10. Love and Ponceau
  11. A Burial
  12. Numbers
  13. Discipline
  14. Cuvelier the Cuirassier
  15. Revaud's Room
  16. Civilization

Editor's Note

For this edition we have eliminated the space in the middle of contractions, changed the em dash into two minus signs without space on either side, and corrected a few obvious misspellings. One word remains undecipherable in the source, marked with a [?] note. Page numbers are furnished within comments in the source.

See Cambridge Biographical Dictionary article on Georges Duhamel (1884-1966), who trained as an army surgeon.

Civilization has also been reprinted in English translation by West Richard, June 1978, ISBN 0849206723. All Duhamel's works are hard to find outside France. Please visit your local book store or public library if you are interested in reading more.

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