The Eighth Day Transfigurist Cult

Yes, now people gather around to hear of a great thing.  (Brief 
history of cult and it's beginnings)

We are not one of those Psycho-loon cults.  We are the Eight Day
Transfigurists!!  Every eighth day is our sabbath.  We reject
Leninism and Stalinism, and other -isms.  Yet we still hold faith
in the color red.  Red is a primary color, and the color of our
blood.  We believe that blood is thicker than beer.  Even red beer.

If you look throughout history you will find a deep hatred of hatred.
Here, you will find our members.  WE HATE HATING.  Music fills our
spirits.  The King of Rock dwells in our house.  We have seen Elvis.

With the power of soul anything is possible

That's it for now, but the final version will include a more detailed
description of our vision of the King in 1989, and instructions for the
rituals ("Don't eat the sacrifices.  We're not one of those...sicko 
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