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New Elvis Internet Sightings
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How Santo met Elvis (he looked like him, too!)
All Mixed Up - Songs about Elvis & Nixon
Rare, Elvis-shaped CD - it looks like him, it sounds like him, and it's shaped like him!
Ask an Elvis expert questions about The King!
The First Russian Elvis Site
Nancy & Elvis (Nancy of comic strip fame...)
The Fresno Christmas Caroling Elvis Impersonators!
Some Elvis links - look under the letter "E"
Another list of Elvis links
Elvis - The Rock and The Roll
Elvis Collectibles for sale
An interview with Hal Blaine - one of Elvis' main drummers [Real Audio]
The Touch of Two Kings - a book about Elvis & his stepbrother
Elvis Presley's tribute headquarters
New Portraits of the King
See Elvis Prezlee in action
StarStruck Collectibles (search for "Elvis" from the home page for great stuff, like Elvis salt & pepper shakers)
Reunion Sessions with Dead Celebrities - Margaret Dent channels Elvis Presley (download the Real Audio file from the Reunion site!)
Forever Elvis - the clock
Elvis - Word for Word - a chronological transcription of every Presley interview, monologue and recorded phone conversation now known to exist in either audio or video format
Fridgedoor.com's collection of Elvis magnets
New Elvis exhibit at the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Elvis Religions and Such
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Weeping Elvis Statue Cries Tears of Blood
The Gospel of Saint Elvis
The Oracle of the Plywood Elvis
Elvis' Astrological Forecast for 1998
A band called Jesus Presley
Elvis Presley's Astrological and Psychological Magazine
The Gospel of Elvis
The First Presleyterian Church of Elvis the Divine
The 24 Hour Church of Elvis (The Church has an official site now)
The Lesser Elvis Banishing Ritual of the Sequined Pentagram
The Elvis Shrine at M.I.T.
From the files of blasphemy... (this will offend some)
An Elvis Seance!

Elvis Sights
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Impersonators, Tribute Artists, and Look-Alikes
The World of Elvis Impersonators - a comprehensive site about Elvis tribute artists
Steve Chappell, winner of the 1994 Elvis Impersonator Contest at Graceland
Sterling, an elite Tribute Artist
JohnnyElvis - Chicago's favorite Elvis impersonator
Trilogy: Three impersonators. One show. Wow.
A Polynesian Luau in Las Vegas, starring Elvis' cousin
The Duke says he looks just like The King. You be the judge...
Book Howard, the Elvis Entertainer for your next function
The National Association of Amateur Elvis Impersonators
Fan Pages
Elvis is Still Active in Norway - Real Audio samples, news, and reviews
Jordan's Elvis World - CD news, rare photos, and a fan club
Sumer's Elvis Page
Sami's Elvis Page (the Finnish Elvis site)
Another Shrine to Elvis
Join ElvisNet - the on-line fan club for The King
Danny Jame's Elvis Pages
If I Can Dream - Elvis Fan Club of Massachusetts, USA
An Aussie Elvis site (contribute your own Elvis tribute to their collection)
Paul's Elvis Page
An Elvis memorabilia collector in the Netherlands (in English)
Steve's Elvis Page
Ralf's Elvis Page
Elvis is Still #1 (a Web tribute to Elvis)
Princeton for Elvis--they've even got a daily Elvis mailing list you can add your name to!
Pictures, Photos, Graphics, Videos, etc.
Rare Elvis - it is what it says: rare Elvis videos for sale
Theresa Baskerville's sketches of Elvis - follow the links
Elvis Concert Videos & Documentaries
Beth Morgan's Velvet Elvis
The Amazing Elvis Memorial Bathroom
Velvet Elvis - more accurately, Velvet Elvis, Jesus, Princess Diana, and Mother Theresa
A Pen and Ink sketch of the "mature" King
The Elvis Stamp (118 K .gif)
An etching of The King (104K .gif)
A nightmarish comic-book look at Elvis (35K .jpg)
A tasteless parody of The Stamp (27K .jpg)
Young Elvis striking a pose (13K .jpg)
Elvis eating a sammich (22K .jpg)
See Elvis P. morph into Elvis C. before your very eyes! (66K .mpeg)
Elvis sporting a snazzy fur coat (147K .gif)
Young Elvis playing a tune (59K .jpg)
Older Elvis in all his glory (398K .gif)
Have you ever seen the fearless Elvisaurus? (29K .jpg)
Getting married Elvis-style...
New sculpture of Elvis at Graceland! It was sculpted by Felix de Weldon, who also created the Iwo Jima Memorial in Arlington, Virginia, in honor of Mr. Presley's 60th birthday (photo from Reuters). (88K .gif)
A pop art rendition of The King (52K .gif)
Elvis' driver's license (70K .gif)
The King and I (29K .gif)
Elvis and Nixon travel the universe together in this series of images created by Michael Tressler...
An Elvis jumpsuit sighting (spotted by Chris Colomb--93K)
Elvis and Nixon together at the White House.
All Other Elvis Sights
Hollywood Souvenirs - search for the word "Elvis" at the bottom of the home page for a ton of merchandise!
Elvis & Joe Esposito Home Page - Joe was Elvis' road manager & friend
UFO Elvis' Home Page - something different!
Viva La Subway (a shockwave Elvis game!)
When in Hawaii, don't miss The "Blue Hawaii" Tour!
The women of Elvis' films
Elvis stamps for sale
Someone in Finland thinks Elvis was clean
Elvis 97 - BMG Australia's Elvis site
Project Elvis - win very rare Elvis recordings!
Portraits of Elvis by Terry Ruth: close-up and full bust
Elvis goes into orbit
From the official, original Batgirl (Yvonne Craig) site, pictures and video from her work with The King
An Elvis site in Sweden
One of Elvis' most recent appearances
Yet another Elvis sighting! (the proof is in the pictures)
A random Elvis link generator (and other cool stuff)
Country Music Dispatch - with one heck of an Elvis animation
The Las Vegas Sun's Elvis site
Elvisians from Another Planet - worth a look for the Elvis Gray alone...
Visit Eddie Fadal's Elvis Museum
Drop by the Elvis Hotel for Elvis links 'n stuff
Elvis goes Hawaiian
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Elvis Page
Elvis' trip to Scotland - the full story with never-seen-before photos!!!
The Elvis Gallery in the Shirt and Tie Museum
Welcome to Disgraceland!
Elvis newspaper articles and personal documents FOR SALE
The Elvis Inn--Abu Ghosh, ISRAEL (it's for real!!)
The Doghaus
Elvis' Great Wonderland
Elvis shocks London with a recent visit
The Elvis Room (rub the crushed red velvet for good luck)
The Anti-Elvis Club (they actually love Elvis...)
Elvis and the Colorado Mural Project

Elvis Sounds
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Sound just like Elvis with this nifty voice morpher
An Elvis tribute that includes new CD releases and reviews
Elvis Presley's Secret Diaries - available on CD and cassette
Windows of the Soul -- an honest-to-goodness, brand new Elvis CD!
Tribute To Elvis - Elvis site with latest CD releases and an Elvis Forum
Aron Records' home page
Visit CDnow for Elvis album art and tons and tons of Elvis CDs for sale--including karaoke!!
Elvis talks about me!
A musical ode to Elvis' later years (mono SUN-AU/126K)
He liked to do karate (mono SUN-AU/117K)

Elvis Readings

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Part shrine, part poetry collection, part literary anthology -- 100% Elvis...
Blending Awe and Peanut Butter - an article about Elvis Week '98 at Graceland
A Welsh/Celtic History of the Name Elvis
Elvis Trivia Challenge
Essays on Elvis
Elvis Forever 1997 Holland - a review of the gala
Elvis Presley Online: his spirituality, history, music, genealogy, Southern roots, humor, and more
Canada's biggest Elvis convention
Documents that show that the FBI knew about Elvis' addiction to cocaine (cool stuff)
Love Me Tender: The True Story of Marilyn and the King
A slightly fictionalized account of a childhood encounter between Colonel Parker and Elvis
Check out a cool, new online collectors and musical criticism magazine
Another site where you can read about Elvis sightings and add your own.
The Strange Case of the Lost Elvis Diaries -- An On-Line Mystery
Elvis as icon
An interview with the guitarist during Elvis' Memphis recording sessions
Visit GracelandToo
The online Washington Post's Elvis site
Does Elvis have a son? Jump to The Greatest Elvis Story that was Never Told
Memphis, Tennessee's informative Elvis Page
Seen Elvis lately? Tell the world about it!
Another list of Elvis links
Memphis Mojo - great site about Memphis, Tennessee
Mr. Showbiz's Elvis Pages
Elvis Ate America - lyrics to the U2 song
Toronto's Elvis Connection
Join a Gen X Pilgrimage to Graceland
The Virtual Voyager goes in search of Elvis... (includes trivia contest and Elvis Week Info.)
Elvis and the Society of Hate (a column by Steve Hammer for NUVO)
Anagrams of Elvis' name (one is eerily descriptive of Elvis himself...)
Elvis' Family Tree and Trivia (Thanks to PigWeb for allowing me to house their jewel of a page)
Scientific evidence (in the form of a Master's thesis) that the woman Michael Jackson wed is in fact not Elvis Presley's daughter
Elvis and the Martial Arts
Things you can do with the Tiny Elvis application - Tiny E. is available here
Information on a Dutch play about Elvis and his twin brother who was stillborn (download a monologue text file in Dutch or English!)
First Annual International Conference on Elvis Presley at the Center for Southern Culture, U. of Mississippi
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Elvis (a book review with cool graphics)
An Elvis Obituary (Thanks to David Levine for spotting this one!)
The Alchemedia Elvis Page--short yet poetic
Dead Elvis: A Chronicle of a Cultural Obsession -- a book review
Little Known Facts about Elvis
Panic's encyclopaedia-like entry on Elvis (a multimedia twist on his tale...)
Check out the March 1995 issue of Esquire magazine. There's an article entitled "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Elvis" by contributing editor Julie Baumgold; it's a ten-page look at Elvis culture circa 1995. Sounds great!
The Internet Movie Database's Elvis Presley filmography
A tale of an Elvis impersonator at the Sugar Bowl
Beware of the Elvis computer virus!
Go to Elvis newsgroups: alt.elvis.sighting, alt.elvis.king, and alt.fan.elvis-presley. I'm not responsible for the quality (or lack thereof) of the postings!
Elvis' Shopping List
An Elvis Biography
Memphis Page
The other Elvis' home page
Elvis Merchandise
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Know what you need? T-shirt Now! (search for "Elvis" from the home page)
The Elvis TCB Shop - Elvis memorabilia for sale within
Elvis is Everywhere - a photojournalistic book on the King
Vroom - They've got Elvis stuff for sale (and it's a cool site design, too)
Elvis stuff for sale in Canada
Elvis concert posters and a poster from an Elvis musical play are available for perusal and for sale at Legends
Own your own Elvis sculpture!
Did you know it's the 40th anniversary of Elvis' Heartbreak Hotel? Well, now that you do, go buy something cool to commemorate it!
Find out about a new book of Elvis album cover art
Elvisly Yours - Elvis merchandise and memorabilia
No toybox is complete without Elvisopoly
A page for collectors (buyers and sellers)
More Elvis stuff for sale
The Elvis Presley Estate Inventory Book - FOR SALE
Bill Peay's Elvis Presley Security ID/phonecard
More Elvis Phonecards - wanna buy 'em? Here's the fine print.


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