The Amazing Adventures of Space Elvis

An abridged version of the



David S. Wall


The King is Dead, long live the King

PROLOGUE - On the run from the security services we find Space Elvis on the brink of discovering that his idolatrous interplanetary space trek may have been in vain. Turn that telly off Brian and get your orbs stuck into THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF SPACE E LVIS.

Drawing by Kevin Lycett

"Then what about King Elvis ?" choked Sevil.

Prescilla hit him with the truth. "Well the King certainly existed but he wasn't the king of Earth. Elvis was the greatest entertainer that ever lived, he was the undisputed king of Rock and Roll".

"You said was".

"Yes, unfortunately he is supposed to have died fifteen years ago, although many people claim to have seen him around".

"What do you think Prescilla"

"I think that there is a chance that he may have faked his own death and is still alive, he wasn't very happy you know".

They drove the rest of the way in silence contemplating the assault to their previously held values. Sevil felt comfortable next to Prescilla and thought to himself how her features had softened over the past few days. Prescilla smiled a soft gentle smil e, she felt the warmth of his body and her cheeks flushed with excitement, privately she wondered if he was green all over.

Laughing Elvis won the first prize at Shilbottle with his version of 'are you, ha ha, lonesome tonight', no-one laughed, it was that sort of night. A disappointed Sevil came third with an unconvincing rendition of 'There's no room to rumba in a sports ca r'. He had just learned the song and should have worked it in first, his false space get up didn't help either.

Prescilla dragged Sevil off to the car. "Where ye stayin tonight ?" she enquired seductively but not demonstratively.

"Ahm not rightly sure maam" replied Sevil, a bit hopeful that she would solve his problem.

"OK that's settled yer can stay in me spare room an if yer a good little boy ah might even cook yer some suppa"

"Thanks marm" said Sevil ingratiatingly.

It was late when Sevil and Prescilla arrived at her bijou residence in downtown Prudhoe. Unfortunately, there was little to tell about the seduction scene, because Sevil was a shy old space alien, he hadn't had any luck with the opposite sex (or any of t he sexes) on his own planet so why should his chances here be any better. He was a good old fashioned space virgin who's strict upbringing by aged aunts had fully equipped him for all of the rigours of life except the love and sex bit.

Meanwhile at mission control the air crackled with static "For god's sake an alien spacecraft can't just land in a densely populated area and go unnoticed". Shouted Big Joe Keighley to Chris Crud down three thousand miles of cable. "We're just gonna have to this job ourselves, pick a small team of reliable people and solve this little problem". He then left a message for CIA boss Frank Weipert in Washington to tell him of the new plan of action, Weipert was already on the phone to the President.

Drawing by Kevin Lycett

"Mr President there's Frank Weipert on line one for you" chirped the Oval Office secretary.

"Hi Frank, hows the Great Game" laughed the most powerful man in the world. Frank appraised the President of the facts 'just in case'.

"Frank does it threaten national security or are you just covering your ass?" queried the President.

"Not directly Mr President but we dont want aliens overrunning the planet".

"Just what are they going to do Frank, zap us with ray guns ?" Dismissed the President who then told him to contain the situation.

Back in England Chris Crud spoke authoritatively as he briefed the main investigators "The key factor is a person who was seen near the space vehicle wearing an Elvis Presley type jump suit".

"Whaat !" several of the investigators were heard to say. Crud continued "but our problem is that such a sight is not uncommon in any northern town on a Saturday night ! we therefore have to monitor all lines of communication".

EPILOGUE - There are too many Suspicious Minds. Will the net close in on our hero, Will he escape ? Will he find room to Rumba in his sports car ? Dont miss next weeks mind-blowing episode of THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF SPACE ELVIS.

(c) David Wall 1995

Any resemblance to anyone living or having lived on Planet earth is purely coincidental

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