The Amazing Adventures of Space Elvis

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David S. Wall


Politics, Art, Sex and Elvis.

PROLOGUE - Civilisation as we know it is on the brink of oblivion and only our brave saviours have the key to its safety, will they use it ?. Settle yourself down, stop biting your finger nails and tune into to the penultimate episode of THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF SPACE ELVIS.

Quick thinking Prescilla thought that the local police ought know about the plot so she made Sevil ring the station. Surprisingly, the duty sergeant was not very receptive and told Sevil to get off the line or he would have him charged with wasting polic e time. Meanwhile Chris Crud sat bolt upright, he had been listening in, "That's the one, the lead we've been waiting for ?" His voice wavered nervously as he cupped the listening device in his left hand.

Crud rang Sevil back and quizzed him about the story, being flattered he told all, except the bit about his alien origins. Crud thanked him and said "leave it with me sir and just act normal tomorrow".

At the contest that night Sevil stuck to the old chestnuts and won. There wasn't a dry eye in the house when he sang 'Old Shep' and the audience stood to arms during his rendition of the 'Battle Hymn of the Republic'. Terry and Madge were too engrossed with each other to really notice anything else.

The next morning at precisely eleven o'clock Airforce One touched the runway at Newcastle Airport and the President made his way straight to NATO headquarters. Three hours later Trimdon's town square was bustling and at two fifteen exactly the 35th Presi dent of the United States began to speak. Jonathan Lincoln, a youthful fifty one year old, bore a striking resemblance to his great great grandfather who's embossed image was to be found in the pocket of every American citizen. Unfortunately he didn't possess his ancestor's oratory skills; his mother's genes were to blame for this. Her family were the horny handed sons of toil who once manned the local pit and were known more for their pugilistic than for their vocal skills.

At three o'clock the pageant portrayed, very professionally, a fictitious story about how the president's ancestors heroically saved the community before heading off to the new world to seek fortune.

The plotters secret plan was to kidnap the President in the mayhem and substitute him with a trained actor. Thanks to Sevil and Prescilla, the President's men were prepared and prevented the switchover from taking place.

As they looked on, Sevil held Prescilla's hand and surprised by the depths of his feelings for her spontaneously kissed her on the cheek, it felt warm, perfumed and inviting. She flinched with surprise and smeared his sun-glasses with her make-up. They laughed happily as Sevil buffed his Raybans, then she kissed him on the lips with a warm longing statement of love; he reciprocated.

That night Prudhoe high street reverberated with the cry, "My god it is green, yes Yes YEs YES !"

As the town hall clock donged a sixth time, a self-satisfied Chris Crud sat in a brightly lit office somewhere downtown, tapped his pen twice on the desk and said to himself "good we've got that one in the bag".

The resulting investigations showed that an extreme right wing organisation called Freedom League of America had masterminded the plot to kidnap the President. The information gathered had facilitated the arrest of the whole group.

"Good work Chris" said Big Joe Keighley

"Good work Joe" said Frank Weipert

"Good work Frank" said the President.

Frank Weipert patted himself on the back then thought about his alien problem.

EPILOGUE - Thanks a bunch buddy ? Our heros save the planet and still have to cover their ass. How will Sevil stay safe from discovery and in the arms of his love ? Dont forget to listen to the final compelling episode of THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF SPACE ELVIS.

(c) David Wall 1995

Any resemblance to anyone living or having lived on Planet Earth is purely coincidental

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