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Hot Links:

Timbergreen 2000 -- Site for forest owners who want to maximize the benefits of sustainable forestry management.
Badgersett Research Farm -- A private, for-profit research institution based in Minnesota, developing of woody plants for real-world staple food production. Lots of good information about "Woody Agriculture" and cultural and ordering information for the hybrid Hazelnuts and hybrid Chestnuts they breed, grow, and sell.
University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry -- Includes profiles of landowners using agroforestry practices.
Putting Forests on Farms and Farms in Forests -- Agroforestry feature from USDA's Agricultural Research magazine.
Tree Nuts -- "A few nuts who see forests and woodlots as a cost-effective alternative to 'modern' farming practices or the enevitable residential development." Worth checking out.
Association for Temperate Agroforestry -- AFTA's newly updated site includes online articles, news, the tables of contents for their newsletter, publication ordering information, links and more. Worth exploring.
The Carbohydrate Economy -- Thought-provoking site based on the premise that wood, fiber crops and other plant-derived materials could replace oil as our primary source of energy and industrial feedstocks.
New Money-Making Options With Trees -- Report on alley-cropping and silvo-pastural options being explored at the USDA Small Farms Research Center, Booneville, Arkansas.
The Champion Tree Project -- Find out how you can help protect, preserve and propagate the biggest, best, tallest, strongest, and eldest representatives of Earth's largest plants.
USDA National Agroforestry Center -- While still under construction (10/10/97), this site has good, basic information on agroforestry practices including riparian buffer strips and windbreaks. Still to come is information on specialty crops from forests, alleycropping and pasture/tree production. Site includes online version of Inside Agroforestry newsletter and Agroforestry Notes factsheets, including plans for Outdoor Living Barns to shelter livestock.
Agroforestry for Farms and Ranches -- NRCS technical guide provides design help with links to National Handbook of Conservation Practices and the Field Office Technical Guide.
The Forest Shop -- Online bookshop with hundreds of forestry-related titles. Great list of forest management books.
The Treeman -- Thought-provoking site from organic tree guru John Keslick.
Nursery & Conservation Tree Planting Program -- Colorado State Forest Service site includes tree planting guide, Adobe Acrobat factsheets on growing trees from seed and using fabric mulch.

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