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Thompson On-Farm Research, 1996 Report
Updates on weed control, cover crops, soil fertility and health, livestock, economics and more from this pioneering sustainable farm family.


Inspiration, Documentation & Education
Cover Crops
Alternative Weed Management
Water Quality & Soil Health
Farming for Better Communities

Meantime, hard copies of the report are available for $10 from the Thompsons. See address below.

Welcome to the Thompson Farm!

This report is written to be helpful to both farmers and the research community. This is not the final chapter on sustainable or alternative agriculture. You will find successes and failures described in the report. We strongly suggest that you test new ideas on a portion of your farm before you change your entire farming operation.

The 1996 report updates all previous reports. All of the experiments conducted on this farm are in table form at the end of each section. The overall summary at the beginning of this report is the best place to start reading. Next read the summaries at the beginning of each chapter that match your interests. Then read the chapters and tables. "Inspiration, Documentation & Education" tells the "why" and the remaining chapters try to tell the "how."

The publication of this report and the 1996 research work is made possible by the financial support of Mrs. Jean Wallace Douglas through the Henry A. Wallace Institute for Alternative Agriculture, Greenbelt, Maryland. We also wish to acknowledge the help of Rick Exner and Gary Huber for solving computer problems.

Hard-copy editions of the full report are available for $10. Send check (payable to Thompson On-Farm Research) to the address below.

Dick, Sharon, and Rex Thompson
Thompson On-Farm Research
2035 190th St.
Boone, IA 50036-7423
Phone: (515) 432-1560

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