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Cover Crop and Forage Seed Sources
Legumes, grasses and other species for improving pastures and building soil.

red ballAdvanta Seeds -- Specialty pasture grasses -- annual and perennial ryegrasses, orchardgrass, fescue, festulolium.
red ballAlbert Lea Seed House -- Online listing of their extensive line of small grains, alfalfas (including annuals), clovers (berseem, reds, ladino, kura, crimson, alsike, white), sweetclovers, trefoils, cool-season and warm-season pasture grasses, chicory and other specialty forages, turnips, buckwheat, pea mixes, and more. Order their catalog for full descriptions.
red ballAlbright Seed Company -- Specializes in species adapted to particular California bioregions. See Erosion Control Ground Covers and Pasture for a good selection of alfalfa, clovers (strawberry, rose, crimson, sub, white), lana vetch, grasses, grains and more. Online ordering.
red ballAmaizing graize -- Baldridge Hybrid corn varieties bred specifically to fill the summer pasture slump.
red ballAmpac Seed Company -- A full-line of cool-season grasses and legumes including clovers (kura, white, ladino, red, sub, crimson), alfalfas, vetches, winter peas, brassicas, timothy, orchardgrasses, perennial and annual ryegrasses, bromes, chicory, fescues, and Pasture Perfect(R) mixtures.
red ballAndrews Seed Company -- Specializes in alfalfa and red clover.
red ballArbico -- Cover crop offerrings include Austrian winter peas, fall mix including vetch, annual mixes with and without ryegrass, white clover, and a mix that attracts beneficial insects. Available in garden-size amounts for low-cost experimentation. Be sure to explore the rest of the Arizona Biological Control site IPM info and supplies such as beneficial insects. See especially their Pest Problem Solver Guide.
red ballBarenbrug -- Site lists wide range of forage grasses and legumes including clovers (white, red, Persian, berseem, crimson, subterranean), alfalfa, common vetch, field peas and beans, yellow lupine, trefoils. Toll-free number for more information.
red ballCascade International Seed Company -- Mostly specialty forages such as Gala and Stocker bromes, forage plantain, Will and Prestige white clovers, Lafayette perennial ryegrass.
red ballDawson Seed Company -- Canadian company carries Bigbee berseem, alfalfas, wide variety of grasses.
red ballErnst Conservation Seed -- Warm- and cool-season grasses, wetland and woodland species, wildflowers and more.
red ballMcDonald Ag Corporation -- Wholesale seed list includes Tibbee, Chief and Dixie crimson clovers, red clovers, orchardgrasses, ryegrasses.
red ballMark Seed Company -- Alfalfas, grasses and grains includes orchardgrasses, ryegrasses, fescue, native warm-season grasses, trefoil, crownvetch, more. Email or toll-free order placement.
red ballModern Forage Systems -- The Seed Shop features wide range of cutting-edge forages -- ryegrasses, orchardgrasses, fescues, Matua prairie grass, turnips, rape, kale, white clovers, chicory and more. Online ordering.
red ballPeaceful Valley Farm Supply -- Bountiful cover crop offerings -- more than 100. Online ordering.
red ballPennington Seed -- Forage list includes Austrian winter pea, lespedezas, fescue, millet, bahiagrass.
red ballPremium Seed -- Products include Nitro alfalfa, berseem clover, kura clover, forages (including chicory) and wildlife blends. See online price list for more offerings, including, alsike, ladino, red and white clovers, yellow-blossom sweet clover, trefoils, vetch, field peas, buckwheat, sudax, warm-season grasses and more.
red ballRichardson Seed Company -- Canadian company specializes in species for forest revegetation. Carries grasses and legumes including alsike, berseem, red and white clovers, sweetclovers, sainfoin
red ballSchultz Seed Company -- Clovers (medium red, mammoth, alsike) and other legumes including hairy vetch, buckwheat, sorghum-sudan, warm- and cool-season grasses, and more.
red ballSharp Bros. Seed Co. -- Specializing in prairie plants. Great selection of warm- and cool-season grasses, legumes, forbs and wildflowers, shrubs.
red ballTrelay Seeds -- Common forages and mixes including brome, orchardgrass, reed canarygrass, ryegrass, timothy, birdsfoot trefoil, and red , alsike and ladino clovers.
red ballTriumph Seed -- Warm-season annual forages and covers including sorghum-sudan hybrids, forage sorghum and pearl millet.
red ballWillamette Seed -- Cool-season forages.

More Seed Sources:

If you still haven't found what you're looking for (and aren't tired yet), here are some more leads:
red ballSeed Companies -- More than 50 companies listed, mostly specializing in forage and turfgrass on this page at Oregon State University's Forage Information System. Links to company home pages or a brief summary at the OSU site.
red ballASTA Member Websites -- Listing at the American Seed Trade Association site. Searchable variety database under construction.
red ballU.S. Field Seed Companies -- Mostly corn and bean companies listed on this Seedquest page.

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