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Compost and Manure Links
Web resources to help you better manage these valuable soil-builders.

red ballOrganics Outlook -- Info on compost, mulch, grasscycling and related topics from the Calif. Integrated Waste Management Board.  Don't miss the Farming Outlook page.
red ballWoods End Research Laboratory -- Extensive compost and soil analyses, including an inexpensive compost maturity and soil microbial respiration test kits.
red ballCornell Composting -- Master composters and novices alike will appreciate this site's explanation of the composting process and helpful management tips. Includes easy-to-use forms for calculating an ideal mix.
red ballNew Composting List -- WASTENOT is an unmoderated list for exchanging information about research, management, processing, analysis, regulation, marketing and distribution, or use of organic wastes and compostable materials from industrial, commercial, municipal, or agricultural sources. Just launched (5/5/97), so it remains to be seen what directions the discussion will take.
red ballThe Composting Council -- This trade group involved in research, public education, development of composting standards, expansion of markets and the enlistment of government support for composting.  Also see their discussion group.
red ballThe Compost Resource Page -- Covers the full range from home and garden composting to vermiculture to large-scale operations. Includes discussion forums.
red ballThe Humusphere -- A growing hub for a broad range of composting information from home-scale to commercial. Composting news, links, vendor and product directories.
red ballAutrusa Company -- Products and services include Sandberger compost turners, Imants spaders, compost cover fabric, monitoring and testing equipment, consulting and testing services and educational seminars. Excellent site with great graphics from a company that believes "proper organic matter and humus management of our agricultural soils must be the cornerstone of any sustainable system." Highly recommended.
red ballMorgan Scientific Inc. -- Electronic compost monitors for recording temperature, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels.
red ballBioCycle -- Published since 1960, BioCycle is America's foremost magazine on composting and recycling.

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