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Soil Health Links
Web resources to help you build healthy soil.

red ball USDA-NRCS Soil Quality Institute -- Good introduction and resources including, The Soil Biology PrimerSoil Quality Information Sheets, Soil Quality Card Design Guide, and  Agronomy Technical Notes Series summaries of the effects of cover crops, rotations and no-till on soil quality. 
red ballWoods End Research Laboratory -- Extensive compost and soil analyses, including an inexpensive compost maturity and soil microbial respiration test kits.
red ballSoil Foodweb Incorporated -- SFI offers tests for the critical living components of your soil, including bacterial and fungal biomass, protozoans, nematodes, vessicular-arbuscular mycorrhize (VAM), and microarthropods. Site includes interesting articles and an excellent photo gallery of soil critters at work. SFI evolved from the pioneering work of soil ecologist Elaine Ingham at Oregon State University.
red ballSoil Quality Institute -- USDA-NRCS site, cooperative project focusing on soil quality resource concerns such as aggregate stability, infiltration, organic matter loss, nutrient cycling and losses, acidity, salinity, erosion and deposition. Soil Quality Information Sheets, provide good introduction to soil health. Agronomy Technical Notes Series summaries of the effects of cover crops, rotations and no-till on soil quality. Both series require Adobe Acrobat reader to view. (Adobe Acrobat download site.)
red ballS3 Soil Quality Working Group -- Soil Science Society of America collaboration.
red ballSoil Quality Network -- International group networking on soil quality research and education.
red ballNational Soil Tilth Lab -- USDA facility that conducts much soil-health related research.
red ballIllinois Soil Quality Initiative -- Farmers and organizations working together to identify indices of soil health.
red ballSoil Science Society of America -- Excellent soil-related links menu.
red ballNational Society of Consulting Soil Scientists -- Lots of links.
red ballSoil and Water Conservation Society of America -- Publication order form includes many soil-health and sustainable-farming related titles. Includes online version of the Journal of Soil and Water Conservation.
red ballScience of Soils -- Online academic journal. Includes Soils Online links page.

Soil Health Classics Online
Much theory, practice and inspiration can be gleaned from books and pamphlets first published decades ago. Some of these hard-to-find works are finding their way onto the world wide web at the The Holistic Agriculture Library website:


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