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Berkshire Regional Food
and Land Council

44 Bank Row
Pittsfield, MA 01201

  • Cathy Roth, (413) 448-8285; fax (413) 442-0304
  • Sherill Baldwin, (413) 445-4556; redworms@aol.com
We're a coalition of community members in Berkshire County currently working to make a sustainable food system. We've recently completed a two-year study of what we should do and now are looking at 'actions' to implement to begin making our food system stronger and more sustainable.

Some of our current plans include:
  • We just received notice that we're getting a grant to do a feasibility study on food processing. We'll be looking at commercial kitchens, and value-added for produce or dairy products. We'll do an initial 'screening' of these three and the one with most interest from local producers will be looked at more closely with a business plan developed.
  • We're working on a certification program for restaurants that promote they are buying locally.
  • We're working on educational projects that assist growers, consumers, distributers, children etc. on issues related to the food system.
  • We're developing a food system/food shed map.
  • We're having our third "Moveable Feast" in September. We've organized feasts and moved them around our county. The feasts use local foods, local chefs, local volunteers and invite locals... The evening is at a very low cost to get folks to come and includes information about 'sustaining our local food system' project - which until now has been primarily study and research. Our third feast will encourage more folks to help with our 'actions'.
  • One more project is working with local school teachers and linking them farmers. This is a small project that works with one school and two farms. We may consider expanding this later.
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