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Center for Rural Affairs
P.O. Box 406
Walthill, NE 68067-0406

Phone: (402) 846-5428

Fax: (402) 846-5420

E-mail: info@cfra.org

Website: http://www.cfra.org

Contacts: Chuck Hassebrook, program director; Marie Powell, newsletter editor.

Newsletter: Center for Rural Affairs Newsletter, monthly, free.

Mission Statement: The Center for Rural Affairs is committed to building communities that stand for social justice, economic opportunity and environmental stewardship. We encourage people to accept both personal and social responsibility for creating such communities. We provide opportunities for people to participate in decisions that shape the quality of their lives and the futures of their communities. The Center engages in research, education, advocacy and service work to further this vision of rural America.

Programs: We sponsor two programs aimed at strengthening family farming and rural communities:
  • Our Rural Opportunities and Stewardship Program links beginning and retiring farmers, promotes value-added agriculture on farms and in communities, supports on-farm and community-based research groups working to solve important issues, and creates associations of small and self-employed businesses to improve the livelihood of rural people.

  • Our Farm and Community Policy Program advocates for public policies that reward environmental stewardship, encourage open and competitive livestock markets, steer agricultural research and extension toward development of sustainable agriculture and address policy issues important to rural Nebraskans.
Publications: The Center publishes a free, monthly newsletter "surveying events affecting rural America." We cover policies, programs, and developments important to family farmers and sustainable rural communities. We offer over 45 books, special reports and research results -- many free or for a modest charge. Contact the Center for a free publications guide, annual report describing our programs in detail, or to begin receiving the newsletter.

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