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Demeter Association Inc.

Britt Rd.
Aurora, N.Y. 13026

Phone: (315) 364-5617

Fax: (315) 364-5224

E-mail: demeter@baldcom.net

Contact:Anne Mendenhall

Newsletter: Two times a year in Biodynamics or by request (no charge).

Demeter Association Inc. has been certifying biodynamic farms and processors in the U.S. and Mexico for about 15 years. The association also gives organic certification to agricultural enterprises in transition to biodynamic practices. Some point-of-purchase marketing materials are available to certified biodynamic growers. Guidelines for certification are compatible with both International Demeter Standards and the Organic Foods Protection Act. We welcome grower and consumer inquiry. Member, Organic Trade Association, International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, and Demeter International Conference.

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