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P.O. Box 186
Willis, VA 24380


Phone: 540-789-7877

E-mail: ladybug@swva.net

Contact: Vicki Dunaway, Coordinator

Newsletter: Creamline (publication beginning Dec 1998, quarterly) $20/year

The Hometown Creamery Revival is funded by a grant from Southern Region SARE. Our quality of life statement: "To demonstrate that small farms can provide a secure, satisfying living by fulfilling a need that exists in the wider community for quality products. We seek to develop a closer relationship between farmer and customer, enabling farmers to practice their crafts while improving and sustaining the health of the natural resources under their stewardship."

Five dairy farms involved in the project are undergoing the transformation to on-farm, value- added production of dairy products from both cow and goat milk. We wish to network with other farmers or small-scale processors interested in or already involved in dairy processing. We also want to connect with individuals and organizations looking for locally, humanely, ecologically produced dairy foods.

We are in the process of developing educational materials and activities for use by dairy farmers and consumers.

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