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Malabar Farm

4050 Bromfield Road
Lucas OH 44843

Phone: 419-892-2784

Fax: 419-892-3988

E-mail: malabar@richnet.net

Website: http://www.malabarfarm.org/

Contact: Louis Andres, Director

Newsletter: View from Mt Jeez

To perpuate the sustainable farming practices of farmer and conservtionist Louis Bromfield. We provide workshops and educational and recreational opportunities to children and adults. Louis Bromfield is considered by most the father of grass based agriculture and had the most famous farm in America in the 1940's. Bromfield is credited with preventing a second dust bowl in the US. and was the greatest spokesperson for soil conservation and the common farmer. Today his farm, Malabar Farm is a living classroom and historical site in Ohio. Our mission is to educate our 250,000 visitors annually about the importance of agriculture and Louis Bromfield. Many of Bromfield's 32 books are still in print and are read throughout the world.

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