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Mothers & OthersMothers & Others Mothers & Others
for a Livable Planet

40 West 20th Street, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10011

Phone: (212) 242-0010 or 888-ECO-INFO

E-mail: mothers@igc.apc.org

Website: http://www.mothers.org/mothers

Contact: Aisha Ikramuddin, Research Associate, phone: (212) 242-0010 ext. 309; fax: 212-242-0545; e-mail: greenguide@igc.apc.org

Membership dues: Individual: $25, Business: $100

Newsletter: The Green Guide, 6 pp., published 15 times per year (about every 3 weeks), subscription is included with membership

Newsletter Editor: Mindy Pennybacker: (212) 242-0010, ext. 306.

Outreach Coordinator: Betsy Lydon: (212) 242-0010, ext. 305.

Mission: Caring for the earth is as much our personal and community responsibility as caring for our children. Mothers & Others (M&O), a nonprofit, national consumer education and advocacy organization, is working to promote consumer choices which are safe and ecologically sustainable for current and future generations. By providing strategies that can reduce individual and community consumption of natural resources and by mobilizing consumers to seek sustainable choices in the marketplace, we aim to effect lasting protection of public health and the environment.

Program work focuses on the Shoppers' Campaign which is a program attempting to increase demand for safe, affordable food and fibers (with a focus on personal hygiene products for women and children, such as feminine hygiene products and diapers).

We work with farmers, consumers and retailers in an attempt to increase choices in the marketplace and to inform consumers how their choices can move the market to greater sustainability. Publications include our newsletter, The Green Guide and books, including The Green Kitchen Handbook, The Way We Grow and The Green Shoppers' Guide.

We also publish reports, such as The Green Food Labels Report and the Hormone Disruptors Report, as well as informative fact sheets for our consumers touching on subjects like least toxic pest control, alternative and cheaper sources of food, pesticides in food, lead, rBGH, and other topics. We are working with the Food Marketing Institute on a book about how to market natural foods (for the retailer).

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