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Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society logoNebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society
P.O. Box 736
Hartington, NE 68739

Phone: (402) 254-2289

Fax: (402) 254-6891

E-mail: cecarusi@hartel.net

Website: http://www.netins.net/showcase/nsas

Contacts:Cris Carusi and Jill Wubben (membership, newsletter, etc.;contact info above)

Membership Dues: $25 per year

Newsletter: The NSAS newsletter is published quarterly. NSAS members receive the newsletter. Non-members can subscribe for $10 or read the newsletter on our Web page.

The Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society promotes an agriculture that builds healthy land, people, communities and quality of life, for present and future generations. Our priorities are to:
  • Support farmers currently using sustainable agriculture practices.
  • Educate consumers about sustainable gardening and food production practices.
  • Educate youth about sustainable agriculture.
  • Inform and educate farmers using conventional practices.
  • Promote research and demonstration of sustainable agriculture practices.
  • Assist beginning farmers.
Our activities include an Annual Meeting and Western Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Conference, farm tours, field days, and workshops. We have a speakers' bureau and a team of mentors who can provide one-on-one assistance with the transition to sustainable farming practices. The quarterly NSAS newsletter presents sustainable agriculture practices and philosophy. Past issues have focused on a wide range of topics including crop rotations, management-intensive grazing, direct marketing, and encouraging wildlife on farms. A directory of NSAS members and sustainable agriculture resources is published every other year. NSAS distributes the Direct Marketing Resource Notebook, which is published by the Midwest Sustainable Agriculture Working Group

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