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Northeast Organic Farming Association of Connecticut (NOFA/CT)

P.O. Box 386
Northford, CT 06472

Phone: (203) 484-2445

E-mail: nofact@connix.com

Website URL: http://www.connix.com/~nofact

Membership dues: Individual or household: $35, Institution: $50, Supporting: $100, Low-income: $15. Send to address above.

Newsletter: NOFA/CT News, 4 times annually, sent to members.

Newsletter Editor: Bill Duesing, 153 Bowers Hill Road, Oxford, CT 06478. Phone: (203) 888-9280. Email: 71042.2023@compuserve.com

NOFA/CT is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening the practice of ecologically sound farming, gardening, and yard care. It also helps consumers gain increased access to safe, healthy food.

NOFA/CT is one of seven state NOFA chapters in the Northeast. The seven state chapters meet together in a 3-day summer conference (August 8-10, 1997 at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA; for more information contact Julie Rawson at (508)355-2853 or JACKKITT@aol.com) and produce a regional newsletter, The Natural Farmer.

The Connecticut chapter produces its own newsletter; a day-long winter conference for farmers, gardeners, and eaters; another day-long winter conference for farmers who are interested in making the transition to certified organic production; and a directory of certified organic farms. NOFA/CT has its own organic certification program, which certified 38 organic farms in 1996, and will certify about 45 farms in 1997.

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