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Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association

P.O. Box 82234
Columbus, OH 43202

Email: oeffa@iwaynet.net

Phone: (614) 294-3663

Contact: Sean McGovern

Newsletter: Bimonthly, $15

The Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA) was founded in 1979 as a broad-based membership association of farmers, gardeners and consumers working together to promote a sustainable, permanent, accountable and healthful agriculture in Ohio and elsewhere.

We support wider study and adoption of resource-conserving farm and garden practices, preservation of family farms, the use of appropriate technology, greater regional food self-reliance, and the wise development of our rural and urban landscape. We encourage everyone involved in the food industry to implement ecologically sound practices and policies which respect the resource needs of future generations.

Major activities:
  • Annual meeting. A two-day conference in late winter combines information, inspiration, grower-to-grower exchanges, fun and organically grown food.
  • Certification services. OEFFA's state-approved organic certification program performs on-farm inspections and farm management reviews to assure that crop and livestock producers meet Ohio's minimum standards for organically grown food. These services protect farmers, distributors, consumers and the environment.
  • Networking. Our members are an invaluable source of practical knowledge and experience. An annual membership directory helps members make better use of this resource. OEFFA also networks with other Ohio organizations whose missions intersect ours, and maintains an office in Columbus.
  • Product Promotion. OEFFA promotes organically grown food through consumer education, an annual guide to certified organic farms and gardens, and marketing information.
  • Newsletter. Farmer profiles, coverage of state and national developments, book reviews, lists of educational events and resources, and organizational news are found in our bimonthly newsletter.
  • Legislation. OEFFA helped establish Ohio's organic "standard of identity" several years ago, and continues to monitor proposed state and federal legislative action, working on behalf of sustainable agriculture research and education, farm and farmland preservation, and citizens' right to know.
  • Summer farm tours. A series of tours to certified-organic farms, gardens, and orchards gives growers, educators and consumers an opportunity to see (and taste) organic food production, and to quiz organic producers about their farming practices.
  • Regional chapters. Regional chapters provide a community of support, friendship, and opportunity for members to respond to local interests and needs. Most regions meet several times a year, and all have representation of the OEFFA board.
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