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Oregon Sustainable
Agriculture Land Trust

P.O. Box 1106
Canby, Oregon 97013-1106

Website:  http://www.osalt.org

Phone: 503-263-8392; fax: 503-266-8082

E-mail: osalt@teleport.com

Contact: Will Newman II, Research Director; Erica Frenay, Outreach Coordinator

Membership dues: $35/year, includes newsletter subscription.

Newsletter: SALT of the Earth, quarterly journal, $20/year ($25 for two years through 6/30/97). Back issues of the journal are available for $5/copy (includes postage and handling to US destinations). A growing list of videos are available for rental/purchase.

OSALT is a non-profit, charitable organization [501(c)(3), 504(a)(2)]. "The mission of OSALT is to establish an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable agriculture. The three areas of focus are research, land protection and education." OSALT conducts research to develop practical and effective, ecologically, socially and spiritually balanced sustainable agricultural practices. A key to this research is to conduct it in urban gardens and on working farms, ranches and forest lands.

OSALT protects urban gardens and farm, ranch and forest lands, holding them in trust for agricultural use by future generations. Lands held in trust by OSALT shall be used for research as an integral part of their day-to-day operations. The focus of current research is nutrition: how does the presence of nutrients in the soil rerlate to nutrients in the plant, how is the relationship influenced by plant variety, how is the relatiuonship influenced by growing methods (conventional, IPM, no-till, organic, bio-dynamic, permaculture, etc.)

OSALT trains growers in sustainable practices through apprenticeships, seminars, workshops and publications, and seeks to inform the public of the importance of sustainable practices. "Starting a Small Farm", a series of 8 day-long sessions providing a basis for establishing a sustainable farming operation, begins with sustainability as a world-view, and covers small farming from land selection to marketing. 

OSALT educates youth about agriculture through a program called Discovery Farm. This is a hands-on, school-integrated program which gives youth the opportunity to grow their own food and to learn about various aspects of farming through while achieving state benchmarks for each subject.

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