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Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group

PO Box 324
Elkins, AR 72727

Phone: (501) 587-0888

Fax: (501) 587-1333

E-mail: ssfarm@lynks.com

Contact: Keith Richards

The Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group is a network of approximately 50 member organizations working for more sustainable agriculture in 13 Southern states. The Southern SAWG assists family farmers and farm communities to prosper in a healthy environment by helping to remove technical, institutional and economic barriers to sustainability. Southern SAWG works to:
  • Provide forums for the exchange of information between farmers and others in the agricultural community.
  • Enlarge the marketing opportunities for sustainable farmers and assist in the development of farmer-controlled marketing strategies.
  • Advocate for sustainability as a fundamental principle of state and federal agricultural policies.
  • Redirect land-grant university research and technical assistance priorities towards sustainable agriculture.
  • Build farmer leadership in the sustainable agriculture movement.
  • Build capacity of member organizations.

The Southern SAWG Annual Conference & Trade Show has become one of the premier forums for sustainable agriculture in the Southern U.S. with workshops and round table sessions, farm tours, a showcase of food and fiber products from sustainable farms, and a trade show of sustainable farm products & information. The 7th Annual Conference & Trade Show will be held at the Memphis Cook Convention Center, Memphis, Tenn. on January 15-18, 1998.

Southern SAWG publications include:
  • Farming More Sustainably in the South, Vols. I & II, a continuing series of booklets documenting the accomplishments of successful sustainable farmers. $17.50 for set.
  • Making It On the Farm: Increasing Sustainability Through Value-Added Production and Marketing. $12.00. (See Full Season Farm for a sample story.)
  • Southern Sustainable Farming, a quarterly newsletter that covers issues of interest to sustainable farmers in the South. $15.00/yr.
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