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Tennessee Valley Goat Association

630 College Lane
Strawberry Plains TN 37871

Phone: 423-933-6943

Fax: 423-933-5885

E-mail: tvga@korrnet.org

Website: http://www.korrnet.org/tvga

Contact:Vicki Townsend

Dues: $10 per year

Newsletter: Capricorn Express, monthly, included with membership

TVGA has 100+ members across several states, with goat keepers interests ranging from showing dairy goats at the national level, to a couple of goats for the family milk, to a herd of 300+ meat goats, to a half-dozen brush goats to keep the honeysuckle down, to getting started with angora goats for fiber, to a few pet goats.

Our common interest is the concern we have for the well-being and health of these wonderful animals. So, if you like goats, want goats or have goats, we've probably got something that will benefit or interest you!

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