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Texas Organic
Growers Assoc.

2280 Sand Hill Road
Dale, TX, 78616-2680

Phone (toll free): 
(877) 326-5175

Phone (local Austin): 
(512) 342-8526

Website:  www.texasorganicgrowers.org

Membership dues: $25 per year

Newsletter: Texas Organic News, quarterly, free w/membership.

Our mission is to enhance the credibility of organic agriculture as a viable systems approach in the production of food and fiber, promoting safeguards for human health and the preservation of our environment.

Our further purpose is to represent the organic industry in our dealings with one another, assuring honesty and fairness in our industry.

The principle objective of TOGA is to promote organic methods of working with the soil and the plants and animals which draw their sustenance from the soil, and to educate conventional growers and the general puiblic in these practices.

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