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USDA National Hunger Clearinghouse - World Hunger Year

505 8TH. Ave. 21st Floor
New York NY 10018

Phone: (800) 453-2648

Fax: (212) 465-9274

E-mail: nhcatwhy@aol.com

URL: http://www.iglou.com/why/usda

Contact: Peggy-Anne Hupcey

Newsletter: WHY Connections, free, 4 issues/year; WHY Magazine, 4 issues/year, $13.50/year.

The USDA National Hunger Clearinghouse is an exciting project of World Hunger Year (WHY), which will connect thousands of creative and compassionate groups working on hunger, food, nutrition, and agriculture issues. Our vision is to affirm a commonality of goals and focus on constructive, community-based solutions to the problems of poverty and hunger within and between the public and private sectors.

The Clearinghouse will:
  • Enhance information sharing and connections.
  • Establish a communications network and database.
  • Encourage replication of model programs.

The program hopes to foster innovative approaches, bridge gaps, and identify new alliances among those groups who are striving to eliminate hunger, those who grow food, those who distribute it, and those who make policy. By pooling knowledge, the government and grassroots organizations will be more efficient, effective, and responsive to the needs of citizens. Aspiring volunteers will also be able to use the Clearinghouse to find suitable community placements.

The Clearinghouse is soliciting detailed information through the use of a database questionnaire. Organizations, groups, and businesses will be invited to be part of our comprehensive national database which already contains over 30,000 entries. The Clearinghouse will also initiate a fax-on-demand system to provide up-to-date information that is easily retrievable.

A major focus of the Clearinghouse is the promotion of Gleaning and Food Rescue Programs. These efforts target the gathering and distribution of prepared foods and produce that would otherwise go to waste. Sustainable Agriculture and Farming Alternatives will be the focus this year. Another goal is the identification of programs that promote self-reliance as a permanent remedy for hunger and poverty.

The USDA National Hunger Clearinghouse is made possible by a contract administered by the Food and Consumer Service of the United States Department of Agriculture.

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