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Alternative Agriculture News -- Back Issues
From the Henry A. Wallace Institute for Alternative Agriculture.

February 2000 -- From the sanet archives.
January 2000 -- New Wallace Center created at Winrock, anti-biotech efforts attract "serious" money, organic product list from OMRI, Monsanto sued, chemicals and pancreatic cancer.
December, 1999 -- International organic agreement, GMO warnings, surviving the "new agriculture," biotech companies launch PR campaign.
November, 1999 -- Minimal gains in 2000 budget, floods reveal flaws in N.C. farm policy, Monsanto terminates terminator technology.
October, 1999 -- Consumer Union calls for GMO labeling, OMRI list of allowable organic products, plant extinctions threaten food supply.
September, 1999 -- GM food threat to trade, schools offer organic food, resistance to BT cotton faster than expected.
August, 1999 -- Canadian organic standards, Wendell Berry on failed farm policy, Rockefeller Foundation asks Monsanto to stop terminator gene.
July, 1999 -- Organic more profitable, AMS program boosts organic exports, GMOs worry industry, first organic restaurant.
June, 1999 -- Bt corn may kill monarch butterflies, UK doctors call for GE labeling, Merrigan to head USDA-AMS, new uses for alfalfa.
May, 1999 -- Natural food market strategies report, USDA small farm campaign, European biotech protests, USDA criticized for "terminator" seeds.
April, 1999 -- Organic standards improvements, group asks for livestock antibiotic ban, factory farm clean-up strategy, peach oil replacement for methyl bromide, Audubon chronicles organic.
March, 1999 -- Organic farmers expanding, study finds unacceptable pesticide levels for children, Avery flawed, federal budget update, EPA brochure available, protests against Monsanto 'Terminator' technology.
February, 1999 -- Avery wrong on E. coli, shade-raised coffee, Gulf "dead zone" grows, Canada rejects BGH, USDA allows organic meat labels.
January, 1999 -- EPA tones down pesticide brochure, factory farm pollution, chefs support GE labelling.
December, 1998 -- Voters call for factory farm rules, sustainable ag may reduce greenhouse gases, comments sought on animal feeding plan.
November, 1998 -- Biotech threat, federal budget news, USDA Small Farms Council, organic papers, Guatemala grows organic, Youngberg resigns.
October, 1998 -- USDA/EPA plan to clean up CAFOs, hogs on the ballot, organic acres up in Iowa.
September, 1998 -- Groups work to improve USDA initiative, new EPA pesticide testing guidelines, composting resources.
August, 1998 -- Report profiles sustainable farmers, funding survives Senate, EPA grants, honeybee decline.
July, 1998 -- SusAg funding crushed, Okla. cracks down on hog farms, coffee co-op, SARE highlights, supermarkets welcome natural products.
June, 1998 -- USDA abandons "Big Three," alternative pollinators, animal waste summit, whole farm planning.
May, 1998 -- May issue featuring fatally-flawed organic standards, EPA/USDA pesticide cooperation?, gourmet growing, composting progress.
April, 1998 -- April issue featuring Rural fund cut, biotech interests pressure USDA on organic rules, EPA cracks down on large animal operations, court rejects county hog ordinances.
March, 1998 -- March issue featuring Clean Water plan, USDA budget boosts for sust. ag, plans to save Bt, Monsanto pays cotton farmers.
February, 1998 -- February issue featuring Small Farms Commission recommendations, manure major pollutant, fertilizer limits to fight Pfiesteria, and more.
January, 1998 -- January issue featuring proposed organic standards, reasons to buy organic, beneficial wasps fight alfalfa pests, and more.
December, 1997 -- December issue featuring research funding blocked, organic takes root in Iowa, 'bird-friendly' coffee, new market for organic cotton.
November, 1997 -- November issue featuring precision ag in research title, slow-moving organic standards, NRCS chief Paul Johnson's resignation, rootworm IPM.
October, 1997 -- Update on federal sustainable ag funding, USGS finds pesticides in water, rise in children's cancer, new USDA Office of Pest Management.
Sept., 1997 -- "Silver-bullet" ag research, organic standards, BGH-free case settlement, pesticides and birds, in-flight organic, and more.
August, 1997 -- Congress maintains sustainable ag funding, USDA Commission on Small Farms, hog farms and toxic algae.
July, 1997 -- Organic sales up 26%, USDA addresses concentration in ag, poultry pollutes the Potomac.
June, 1997 -- Value of ecosystem services, labeling of genetically engineered foods, cassava biocontrol, nutritional value of organic food.
May, 1997 -- Transgenic food labeling, ecosystem services, biocontrol.
April, 1997 -- President's 1998 budget maintains sustainable ag funding, Dennis Avery falls short, fighting urban sprawl, and other news
March, 1997 -- Analysis by the National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture shows public favors limits on the size of livestock operations eligible for assistance from the new Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP).
February, 1997 -- Study finds little commitment to organic research.

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