Folk Index - Acknowledgement

The chance to share with others one's own creations and efforts is always satisfying. In many ways the web is the ideal vehicle for publishing specialized indexes and I am especially grateful to my former employer, the Milton S. Eisenhower Library at the Johns Hopkins University who gave me the opportunity to make the index available on the web, first through the Resource Services Department's Milton's Web and then with the Digital Knowledge Center , now known as the Digital Research and Curation Center.

As part of the Milton's Web effort, I would like to thank my colleague, Maureen Beck, former Eisenhower Library Webmaster, and now library Director at Villa Julie College, for encouraging me to put my database on the web and for continuing to support its evolution. Others who provided support and ideas during early versions of the index include Tim DiLauro, MSEL systems administrator and now Assistent Director of the Digital Knowledge Center. The smooth transition to the DKC server was due to the timely and expert efforts of Brian Harrington, DKC Digital Library Architect, and DKC Head, Sayeed Choudhury. Both were especially patient with my efforts as I moved to my new home in Portland, Oregon, while Tim DiLauo has continued his support throughout the transition to UNC Chapel Hill.

Finally, I wish to acknowledge the efforts of Paul Mitchell at the Univ. of North Carolina who has made the transition from JHU to the Ibiblio site at UNC as painless as possible. I am especially grateful for his efforts to adapt the keyword search feature developed by my former Hopkins colleague, Jim Farrugia, who created the search engine for both the title and performer files. The present version on ibiblio at UNC Chapel Hill continues to include this facility thanks to Paul, who generously provided some updating and all the testing to insure it's success at this new host.

Special thanks go to David S. Lynch, originator of the Old-Time Music on the Web for designing and contributing the delightful illustration on the home page. I would also like to thank Lani Herrmann, a graduate of the School of Library and Information Studies at the Univ. of California, Berkeley, who very generously took the time to send me some much needed spelling corrections. I take full responsibility for those errors that still remain.

And last but by no means least, check out the complete listing of the all the folks who have donated material for index

Happy Searching!

Jane Keefer



 Last updated October 5, 2002 

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