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In this section, I list the folks who in one way or another have contributed recorded or printed sources to the index. The number of donated sources now stands at around 710 items; most are recordings, but books and folios have also been contributed.

Several people have donated valuable out of print recordings. I especially want to thank Sandy Paton of Folk Legacy Records for providing a large number of his out of print but essential folk music recordings for inclusion in the database. Sandy recently passed away, but his contribution to traditional musics through many collecting and recording activities remains immense, and I am very pleased to be able provide pointers to these recordings of his in the index.

Another person that I wish to acknowledge is Ralph Stephen, who contributed some 70 recent recordings of English folk groups such as Fairport Convention, Dervish, Maddy Prior with the Carnival Band, Blowzabella, along with some very important Topic reissues of field recordings. Thank you, Ralph!

Others who have contributed important material include:

Thanks are extended to the increasing number of performers, performer's families, or agents who have donated their current tradition-based recordings and who thus help demonstrate the living folk music traditions in today's high tech world.   My apologies in advance for those names I may have inadvertantly omitted. These performers include:

Alicia May
Linda Allen
Peter Alsop
Tobias Anderson
Bob Bellamy
Dan Berggren
Bing Bang Boys (Canote Brothers)
Bluegrass Intentions
Boiled Buzzards
Curt Bouterse
Kathy Boyd and Phoenix Rising
E. C. Bradley
Broadside Electric
Brothers of the Baladi
Bing Bang Boys
Worth All the Telling
Bonnie Carol
Cascade Mountain Dreamers
Steve Cheseborough
Greg Clarke
Richard, Colombo
Judy Cook
Sharon Cort
Lea Coryell
Debra Cowan
Roy Crawford
Crooked Road Stringband
Tim (Slim) Crosby
John Cunningham
Erik Darling
Dave and Cindy
Bruce Davies
Jinx Davis
Deja Blue
Down Trodden StringBand
Dianne Dugaw
Anne and Ridley Enslow
Etcetera String Band
Falderal String Band
Anne Feeney
Peter Feldmann
Fiddlin' Red and Patti O'Farrell
Cathy Fink
Flat Mountain Girls
Mary Flower
Annika Forrest
Jeni Foster
From the Waterside
Gabriel's Gate
General Strike
Steve Gillette and Cindy Mangsen
Gerri Gribi
Brittany Haas
Hart and Blech
Bob Hay and the Jolly Beggars
Merritt Herring
Joe Hickerson
Dick Holdstock
Steve James
Frank Jones
Fletcher Jowers
Jubilant Bridge
Larry Kaplan
Kate and Lou
J. Michael Kearsey
Meryle Korn
Jim Lampos
Rose Laughlin
Bonnie Leigh
Dan Levenson
Dave Lippman
Lost World Stringband
Low Tide Drifters
Louie and the Architects
Peggy Lynn and Dan Berggren
George Mann
George Mann and Julius Margolin
Margaret MacArthur
Mo Mack
Sheila MacDonald
Dan McIlHenny
Misty River
Marty Mitchell
Modesty Forbids
Dave Morehouse
Mountain Thyme
Jeannie Murphy and Scott Marckx
The Mysterious Redbirds
Steve Noonan
Arnie Naiman and Chris Coole
Otter Creek
Pleasant Family
Kate Power and Steve Einhorn
Stan Ransom
James Reams
Harvey Reid
Rite of Spring
Mary Rose
Rosehip Ramblers
Joe Ross
John Rossbach
San Francisco Blue
Peggy Seeger
Peggy Seeger and Irene Scott
Lauren Sheehan
Smithfield Fair
Stafford, Kim
Thompson, Eric
Trashcan Joe
True West String Band
Harry Tuft
Paddy Tutty
Uncommon Thread
Mona Warner
Bob Webb
Dick Weissman
Whiskey Puppy
Mariide Widmann

Thanks also go to donors of non-original copies of recordings including: Adam Adler, Tina Aridas, Kilby Spencer, Jason Myer, Julie Pennick, Don Bille, Bill Hicks, Dick Swain, Lost World String Band, and John Green. Finally I would like to acknowledge copies of out of print recordings made available by Truman Price, Abby Sale, Jerry Kergan, Peggy O'Neill, Bethie & Vic Granatstein, Peter Goldberger, Mark Anderson, Rob Nold, Kilby Spencer, and Karleen Tyksinski.

   In the print area,

And finally I would like to acknowledge the contribution of George Chudacoff to the folk music community in the Portland-Vancouver area. He recently lost his battle with cancer, and his family very generously made available CDs from his collection, all of which are now indexed.

Other publishers that have contributed valuable records of traditional and folk material include:

And last but by no means least, My thanks go to Sampler Records for donating the Mark Hamilton Songs and Tunes from Wolf Run booklet and "Sackett Harbor", their publication of James Kimball's collection of nineteenth century tunes. My thanks to all of the above and also to the many users who have provided me with feedback about errors and additional information about performers and songs.

These donated resources now account for around 15% (710) of the total number of items in the index.  If you have items that you believe would be useful additions to the collection, either LPs, CDs, or printed material; feel free to contact me via email or phone.

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