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Folk Music Index - Frequently Asked Questions

Many people have contacted me with expressions of thanks as well as specific questions about items in the Folk Music Index. Since a major purpose of the index is to support and encourage the community it documents, I welcome all inquiries and comments. Although I endeavor to answer all email, occasionally inquiries have gotten lost on my desk. If I have failed to respond to your email, please accept my apologies and feel free to try again. By way of explanation, I can only say that the index is maintained and updated completely outside of any regular employment or income producing activities.

The items listed below are more or less in the order of frequency received. Your questions and comments are always appreciated, so keep those cards and letters coming!

Jane Keefer

I am searching for the words to a song which is listed in your website. Can you help me? I'm surprised you haven't listed the famous "Really Good Folkster" group. They had a number of hit recordings in the the 60's. What gives? Is there any way I can access the recordings you have? Do you have any plans for providing access to the recordings both for now and in the future? I am looking for more information about a performer listed in your index? Do you accept corrections and/or additional information about a recordings, performers or specific performances on a record. How do you acquire records for your collection? What criteria do you use to select recordings Our band performs traditional music. How can we get our recording listed in your website?
Currently all new recordings added to the index are audited. That is, I listen to all the tracks, either assigning a performance to a title already listed in the database or creating a new title entry for it. Cross references are added as needed based both on my own knowledge and from information contained in the liner notes. If you believe your recording meets my selection criteria described above, send me a copy for inclusion in the next database update. Updates generally occur about one a year. My address is:

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Last Updated, Nov 2008