Cẹl Ghàidhlig


Gaelic Music

There are many different forms and styles found in Gaelic music, ranging from unaccompanied vocal singing to full instrumental music. This list is just a short collection of examples and information on some of these different facets of a dynamic and living traditions and therefore by definition must be incomplete.

* Comhlanan Bands
* Na Ṕoba The Pipes
* An Fhidheall The Fiddle

All of this information is available via ftp and gopher.

Other Celtic Music links

* For a good page describing a great many things dealing with celtic music, Gerard Manning ceolas@aisling.stanford.edu has made a great page containing a wealth of information including discographies, festival lists, lyrics of tunes, an archive of music for tunes including abc formats for pipe tunes, information of buying celtic music, session lists and bibliographies. Just click here to get there.

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