The following is information and samples provided generously by bands who wish to further the publics understanding and appreciation of gaelic inspired music.

* Màiri Śne Lammond is a very good gaelic singer from Nova Scotia. Click here to find out more about her and listen to some of her songs.

* Keltoi is a group based out of Seattle, Washington, USA. To learn more about the group, click here. For their sample recording lyrics and song click here

General Information: Addresses & Labels

B&R Heritage Enterprises
PO Box 3
Cape Breton
Nova Scotia

PO Box 1155
G3 7TW

Hand Pict Records
P.O. Box 17147
Seattle, WA 98107 USA

Temple Records
Temple, Midlothian EH23 4SH
Tel: 0875 830328

Upcoming Events and Tours

Here is the Battlefield Band's North American Tour list for their upcoming 25th Anniversary Tour. If you would like more information about the Battlefield Band you might write to Temple Records who handles the band.

Incidentally, You can now purchase a special box set of the Band's recordings. This is 13 CDs for $120. (For you non-math types, that is just about $10 / CD, a great price). Just write to the record label (US distributors are Flying Fish).

Here is the Cappercaillie current Tour schedule.

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